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Geological Atlas of Africa

by Springer

This is the first attempt to summarise the geology of Africa by presenting it in an atlas and to synthesise the stratigraphy, tectonics, economic geology, geohazards, geosites and geoscientific education of each country and territory of the continent. Furthermore, the digitised geological maps (on the attached CD-ROM) are correlated and harmonised ...;

Radiogenic Isotopes in Geologic Processes

by Springer

This book presents a modern approach of radiogenic isotope methods for solutions on problems in theoretical and practical geology. New approaches on thermochronology are of particular interest. Results on age measurements for timing of the Earth’s formation, main stages in evolution of biota in the Phanerozoic, and the most important tectonic and ...;

Groundwater in Geologic Processes

by Cambridge University Press

The second edition of this well received and widely adopted textbook has been extensively revised to provide a more comprehensive treatment of hydromechanics (the coupling of groundwater flow and deformation), to incorporate findings from the substantial body of research published since the first edition, and to include three new chapters on ...;

Geological Engineering

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

A guide for developing integrated engineering solutions, which take into account both ground conditions and environment, this extensively illustrated textbook covers the subject area of geological engineering in four sections: fundamentals, methods, applications, and geohazards. Covering topics such as site investigation, rock mechanics, and slope ...;

Evolution of Geological Structures in Micro- to Macro-Scales

by Springer

Structural geology has developed at a very rapid pace in recent years. Evolution of Geological Structures in Micro- to Macro-Scales, covering a wide spectrum of current research in structural geology from the grain scale to the scale of orogenic belts and from the brittle to the ductile field, provides an overview of newly emerging concepts ...;

Geological Formation Names of China (1866—2000)

by Springer

Geological Formation Names of China (1866—2000) is the only catalogue on stratigraphic nomenclature for China in the world to keep two writing types (Wade-Giles Romanization and Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) so as to provide convenience for domestic and overseas readers. The catalogue is intended for specialists and graduates in Geosciences and ...;

Geology and Ecosystems

by Springer

This book is the result of an international working group entitled ‘Geology and Ecosystems’ that was organized by the IUGS commission on Geological Sciences for Environmental Planning (COGEOENVIRONMENT). The aim of the working group is to increase awareness and build methodological principles of ecological geology as a new branch of science. This ...;

Medical Geology

by Elsevier BV

Geology, one of the basic natural sciences, is proving to be of outstanding importance in solving problems relating to:•agriculture•exploitation of the Earth's mineral resources•environmental issues•soil preservation•water•energy and other resources•protection against natural disasters (landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes)as wel;

Engineering Geology

by Springer

This book is written to explain the influence ground conditions can have upon engineering with rocks and soils, and upon designing, analysing and executing an engineered response to the geological and geomorphological processes acting on them; these subjects form the essence of Engineering Geology. The text is written for students of the subject, ...;

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