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Environmental Hydrogeology

by IWA Publishing

Emphasizes actual engineering problems that the authors encountered and solved. Contains a glossary, conversion tables, and mathematical models of selected case studies. Covers surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology, and the design of wells. Discusses relationships between environmental impacts and hydrogeological systems. Describes the ...;

Arsenic in Groundwater: Poisoning and Risk Assessment

by IWA Publishing

The main focus of Arsenic in Groundwater: Poisoning and Risk Assessment is to explore the untold stories of groundwater arsenic in view of its poisonous nature for human health, social implications, exposure and risk assessment, worldwide concentrations with space-time dimension, micro level GIS application in spatial arsenic concentration, policy ...;

Radiogenic Isotopes in Geologic Processes

by Springer

This book presents a modern approach of radiogenic isotope methods for solutions on problems in theoretical and practical geology. New approaches on thermochronology are of particular interest. Results on age measurements for timing of the Earth’s formation, main stages in evolution of biota in the Phanerozoic, and the most important tectonic and ...;

Best Practice Guide on the Control of Arsenic in Drinking Water

by IWA Publishing

This Best Practice Guide on the Control of Arsenic in Drinking Water arises from the knowledge collected by the European Research Network COST Action 637 involving 27 European countries and the USA. Besides the large number of important papers, reports and reviews already available on various aspects of arsenic occurrence in environment, water and ...;

Arsenic Contamination in the World - An International Sourcebook

by IWA Publishing

Arsenic Contamination in the World: an International Sourcebook provides a global compendium of cited arsenic occurrences in the world as they affect public health. This book details arsenic contamination by source, region and arsenic-affected country.  Arsenic is identified in 105 countries and territories, representing a larger database ...;

Introduction to Medical Geology

by Springer

Over two billion people live in tropical lands. Most of them live in intimate contact with the immediate geological environment, obtaining their food and water directly from it. The unique geochemistry of these tropical environments have a marked influence on their health, giving rise to diseases that affect millions of people. The origin of these ...;

Medical Geology

by Elsevier BV

Geology, one of the basic natural sciences, is proving to be of outstanding importance in solving problems relating to:•agriculture•exploitation of the Earth's mineral resources•environmental issues•soil preservation•water•energy and other resources•protection against natural disasters (landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes)as wel;

Geologic Modeling and Simulation

by Springer

Modeling and simulation were introduced to the earth sciences about four decades ago. Modeling has proven its worth and now it is an accepted procedure for analyzing and solving geological problems. The papers in this collection are focused on modeling sediment deposition and sedimentary sequences and have a decidedly practical flavor. Some ...;

Groundwater in Geologic Processes

by Cambridge University Press

The second edition of this well received and widely adopted textbook has been extensively revised to provide a more comprehensive treatment of hydromechanics (the coupling of groundwater flow and deformation), to incorporate findings from the substantial body of research published since the first edition, and to include three new chapters on ...;

Encyclopedia of European and Asian Regional Geology

by Springer

This unique volume, organized alphabetically by country, provides a current overview of the general geology of Europe and Asia, excluding the Arab countries and Israel. Articles primarily contain information about the stratigraphy, structure, tectonics and natural resources of each country, as well as a history of geological exploration and ...;

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