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Groundwater Optimization Handbook - Flow, Contaminant Transport, and Conjunctive Management

by IWA Publishing

Existing and impending water shortages argue for improving water quantity and quality management. Groundwater Optimization Handbook: Flow, Contaminant Transport, and Conjunctive Management helps you formulate and solve groundwater optimization problems to ensure sustainable supplies of adequate quality and quantity. It shows you how to more ...;

Enhanced Characterization and Representation of Flow Through Karst Aquifers

by IWA Publishing

Karst subsurface formations host some of the most prolific and economically important aquifers. However, karst aquifers are particularly vulnerable to inadequate or poor groundwater management practices because of rapid recharge and fast groundwater flow through conduits. Although numerical models have been successfully used to predict the ...;

Contaminant Transport Through Aquitards: A State of the Science Review and Technical Guidance for Aquitard Assessment

by IWA Publishing

Aquifers and aquitards make up groundwater flow systems, with aquitards having much lower permeability than aquifers. Aquitards help protect underlying aquifers, and the water-supply wells completed in them, from contamination. The degree of this protection depends on many factors, including contaminant type, hydrogeologic setting, flow system ...;

Urban Water Resources Toolbox

by IWA Publishing

Holistic but applicable approaches are urgently needed to help plan long-term, cost-effective and sustainable urban water management systems. Groundwater is a central element in the urban water cycle of all cities located on aquifers, yet it remains inadequately integrated into urban water management practices.This book describes holistic ...;


by Springer

This book is the outcome of the invited topics from various international experts in the field of groundwater resource evaluation, characterization, augmentation, restoration, modeling and management. It comprehensively deals with the resource evaluation through remote sensing (RS) along with GIS, resistivity tomography for identification of ...;

Modeling Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport

by Springer

In many parts of the world, groundwater resources are under increasing threat from growing demands, wasteful use, and contamination. To face the challenge, good planning and management practices are needed. A key to the management of groundwater is the ability to model the movement of fluids and contaminants in the subsurface. The purpose of this ...;

Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow: Theory, Evaluation, Utilization

by Cambridge University Press

This book recognises groundwater flow as a fundamental geologic agent, and presents a wide-ranging and illustrated overview of its history, principles, scientific consequences and practical utilization. The author, one of the founding fathers of modern hydrogeology, highlights key interrelationships between seemingly disparate processes and ...;

Groundwater Flow Understanding: From Local to Regional Scale

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Any sustainable groundwater development programme requires knowledge of the prevailing flow system extending from local to regional scale. This book of selected papers discusses integral groundwater management with scale flow issues and presents methods for defining, preventing, controlling and mitigating negative environmental impacts related to ...;

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