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Waste Gas Treatment for Resource Recovery

by IWA Publishing

The prevention of over-exploitation and the efficient use of natural resources are key goals of environmental managment in Industry.Waste Gas Treatment for Resource Recovery presents the reader with technical, ecological and economical aspects of gaseous effluent treatment and resource recovery. Practical experience from industry and agriculture ...;

Integrating Water Resources Management: Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Strategies in Practice

by IWA Publishing

The strategy and methodology for improved IWRM project, (STRIVER) has developed interdisciplinary methods to assess and implement IWRM. Based on the development of a multidisciplinary knowledge base assessment in all case studies (policy, social and natural sciences) and an early stage development of IWRM conceptual framework, this book ...;

Institutions, Sustainability, and Natural Resources

by Springer

A new economic theory, rather than a new public policy based on old theory, is needed to guide humanity toward sustainability. Institutions are a critical dimension of sustainability and sustainable forest management, and economic analysis of institutional dimension requires an inclusionist rather than an exclusionist approach. This book provides ...;

Economics, Sustainability, and Natural Resources

by Springer

The economics of sustainability is much more complex than the neoclassical (Newtonian) economic approach to economic efficiency. Forest resources provide the ideal starting point for the economic analysis of sustainability. This book provides a systematic critique of neoclassical economic approaches and their limitations with respect to ...;

Wetlands and Natural Resource Management

by Springer

Together with its companion Volume 191 Wetlands: Functioning, Biodiversity Conservation, and Restoration, this volume gives a broad and well-integrated overview of recent major scientific results in wetland science and their applications in natural resource management issues.After an introduction to the field, 13 chapters contributed by ...;

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

by Springer

This book demonstrates and develops the quantitative and formal links between sustainability issues, decision and precaution problems in the management of natural resources. Applied concerns include fisheries, agriculture, biodiversity, exhaustible resources and pollution. The book aims at combining economic and ecological dimensions through an ...;

Sampling for Natural Resource Monitoring

by Springer

The book presents the statistical knowledge and methodology of sampling and data analysis useful for spatial inventory and monitoring of natural resources. The authors omitted all theory not essential for applications or for basic understanding. This presentation is broader than standard statistical texts, as the authors pay much attention to how ...;

Natural resources and economic Development

by Cambridge University Press

Natural Resources and Economic Development explores a key paradox: why is natural resource exploitation not yielding greater benefits to the poor economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America? Part One examines this paradox both through a historical review of resource use and development and through examining current theories which explain the ...;

Democratic Decentralisation through a Natural Resource Lens

by Earthprint Ltd

This book queries the state and effect of global decentralization movement through the study of natural resource decentralizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.Since the mid-1980s, most developing countries launched decentralization reforms. At least sixty claim to be devolving some natural resource management functions. These reforms are ...;

The Congo basin : human and natural resources

by Earthprint Ltd

The Congo Basin encompasses an enormous region of Central Africa. Up to the present day, the area has a more or less continuous forest cover and is rich in biodiversity. The lowland forest of the Congo Basin for instance, is the most species-rich forest in Africa. In particular species groups of the region, endemism is high. Currently however, ...;

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