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Risk Assessment for Maintenance Work

by Design safety engineering, inc.

Risk Assessment for Maintenance Work explores the challenges of evaluating the risk associated with maintenance work and contains a wealth of data for maintenance workers, supervisors and management to apply in managing maintenance safety. This book presents the results from a survey conducted to learn more about how to improve safety in ...;

Risk Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities

by Design safety engineering, inc.

design safety engineering, inc. is proud to announce the publication of its newest book, Risk Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities. In this book, Bruce Main discusses the basics of the risk assessment process, challenges companies face while working through the process and distinct opportunities and benefits to those working through risk ...;

Risk Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities

by IWA Publishing

The provision of safe drinking water and the protection of public health and the environment through the treatment of wastewaters is increasingly informed by risk-based decision-making. Aspects of utility management such as process design and optimisation, asset management and compliance monitoring rely on a mature understanding of process risk ...;

Managing Climate Risk in Water Supply Systems

by IWA Publishing

Water resources systems provide multiple services and, if managed properly, can contribute significantly to social well-being and economic growth. However, extreme or unexpected hydroclimatic conditions, such as droughts and floods, can adversely affect or even completely interrupt these services.  This manual seeks to provide knowledge, ...;

Flood Risk - Planning, Design and Management of Flood Defence Infrastructure

by IWA Publishing

Flood Risk: Planning, Design and Management of Flood Defence Infrastructure is the definitive practical handbook on design and maintenance of flood defences, providing a coherent and focused reference for best practice. This book is the first port of call for practising engineers working in the areas of flood risk management and drainage and ...;

Interstate Water Resource Risk Management: Towards A Sustainable Future for the Aral Basin

by IWA Publishing

This book (the research outcome of the EU-INCO FP6 research project Jayhun: Interstate Water Resource Risk Management: Towards a Sustainable Future for the AralBasin) focuses on and discusses the results of research done on the risk assessment levels associated with relevant regional variables in the Aral Basin and develops a strategy for an ...;

Urban Hydroinformatics: Flood Risk Mitigation - Sociotechnical Dimensions

by IWA Publishing

The theory and practice of urban flood risk management has traditionally been dominated by the development and application of almost exclusively technological approaches to flood risk management, with only some minor ‘social aspects’ appended. This predominance has led to the development of less effective and less efficient means of ...;

Risk Analysis Strategies For Credible and Defensible Utility Decisions

by IWA Publishing

In the 21st century, risk management has become a water utility manager’s central function. Beyond the preserves of public health protection and the maintenance of process performance, utility managers must also assess and manage legal, regulatory, financial, environmental, resource, and reputational risks in a complex and demanding business ...;

Flood Risk and Social Justice - From Quantitative to Qualitative Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation

by IWA Publishing

Flood Risk and Social Justice is a response to the rising significance of floods and flood-related disasters worldwide, as an initiative to promote a socially just approach to the problems of flood risk. It integrates the human-social and the technological components to provide a holistic view.;

Future Risks and Risk Management

by Springer

Future Risks and Risk Management provides a broad perspective on risk, including basic philosophical issues concerned with values, psychological issues, such as the perception of risk, the factors that generate risks in current and future technological and social systems, including both technical and organizational factors. No other volume ...;

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