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Ecosystems, Evolution, and Ultraviolet Radiation

by Springer

This book discusses UV radiation, its effects on ecosystems and the likely evolutionary consequences of changed UV radiation environments, past, present and future. The first two chapters examine the history of the UV radiation climate of earth and the factors that determine organismal and ecosystem exposure. Their purpose is to give the reader a ...;

Ultraviolet Radiation in the Solar System

by Springer

UV radiation is an important part in the electromagnetic spectrum since the energy of the photons is great enough to produce important chemical reactions in the atmospheres of planets and satellites of our Solar System, thereby affecting the transmission of this radiation to the ground and its physical properties. Scientists have used different ...;

Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

by Springer

This volume brings together state-of-the-art views on ultraviolet radiation, its modelling, and effects from an interdisciplinary panel of international experts. The growing field of research is presented in a sequence from the arrival of UV light at the top of the atmosphere through its transfer to various biological receptors. Modelling and ...;

UV Radiation in Global Climate Change

by Springer

Numerous studies report that ultraviolet (UV) radiation is harmful to living organisms and detrimental to human health. Growing concerns regarding the increased levels of UV-B radiation that reach the earth's surface have led to the development of ground- and space-based measurement programs. Further study is needed on the measurement, modeling, ...;

ASTM Standards Related to Testing of Radiation Cured Coatings (Print)

by ASTM International

This desktop resource, available in print or CD-ROM, provides quick and easy access to the most commonly used ASTM test methods, procedures, and guides on radiation curing of coatings and allied products. These ASTM standards are often used and referenced in the radiation curing industry. Some are used in coating chemistries and others are ...;

Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent Decontamination

by Environmental Technology Publications Ltd

Chemical and biological warfare agents are threats to the military and civilians alike in both terrorist and conventional warfare scenarios. When materials become contaminated with these agents, they must be decontaminated before they can be removed or reused. This book is a comprehensive overview of the scientific research and development that ...;

UV Radiation and Arctic Ecosystems

by Springer

Although there are some biological processes that are supported by UV radiation, most organisms are stressed by it in various ways, e.g. through DNA damage.Top international experts present an integrated overview of UV radiation and its effects on terrestrial, freshwater and marine Arctic biota. Increased stratospheric ozone depletion and the ...;

Responses of Plant to UV-B Radiation

by Springer

The research in this book covers papers on a great number of research projects on the responses of plants and crops of natural terrestrial ecosystems, of agro-ecosystems, and of aquatic ecosystems, to enhanced solar UV-B as a result of stratospheric ozone depletion. Some introductory chapters deal with general aspects of how plants respond to ...;

Causes and Environmental Implications of Increased UV-B Radiation

by RSC Publishing

Since the realisation that the ozone layer protecting the earth is suffering massive depletion, atmospheric science has been increasingly in the spotlight. It is recognised that we need to increase our knowledge and understanding of the likely impact that increases in UV-B radiation will have on life on earth.Charting research that encompasses the ...;

Environmental UV Radiation: Impact on Ecosystems and Human Health and Predictive Models

by Springer

This publication originates from the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Environmental Radiation: Impact on Ecosystems and Human Health and Predictive Models, held in Pisa, Italy, in June 2001. The book offers not only basic information on the action mechanisms of UV radiation on ecosystems and various biological systems, but also a picture of the ...;

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