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International Standard Units for Water and Wastewater Processes

by IWA Publishing

Published jointly by WEF, AWWA, and IWA, the updated 4th edition of WEF Manual of Practice no. 6 continues its goal to establish units of expression that are universally understandable and readily comparable for all design, operation, and performance factors. The manual is written for engineering professionals familiar with water and wastewater ...;

Advanced Oxidation Handbook

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Advanced oxidation technologies (AOTs) oxidize a broad range of contaminants, including those that are not readily removed with other advanced technologies. The need to treat an ever expanding range of regulated and emerging contaminants has led to an increased interest in AOTs.This handbook provides the fundamentals of the design and operation ...;

Wastewater Treatment: Preliminary and Primary DVD

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Water comes in many forms: groundwater, surface water, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, or dual use and reuse. Some forms may need greater treatment than others, depending on where it is discharged or how it is used.This informative DVD provides a general wastewater overview that also discusses preliminary and primary treatment, and how ...;

Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies

by IWA Publishing

 Features Covers emerging applications of nanotechnology for wastewater treatment Includes integrated cost-based design methodologies Focuses on the design of main treatment units Includes auxiliary units such as primary settler, final settler, sludge digester, and thickener Provides tables, equations, figures, and graphs Includes case studies and ...;

Urban Water Reuse Handbook

by IWA Publishing

Rapid population growth, along with drought, water-intensive energy development, climate change conditions, and a number of other factors all place stress on world water supplies. In many countries throughout the world, water reuse has proved to be an effective and safe means to help satisfy growing water demands and offset scarcity. This book ...;

Milestones in Water Reuse

by IWA Publishing

Milestones in Water Reuse: The Best Success Stories illustrates the benefits of water reuse in integrated water resources management and its role for water cycle management, climate change adaptation and water in the cities of the future. Selected case studies are used to illustrate the different types of water reuse, i.e. agricultural irrigation, ...;

Water - Energy Interactions in Water Reuse

by IWA Publishing

  The focus of Water-Energy Interactions in Water Reuse is to collect original contributions and some relevant publications from recent conference proceedings in order to provide state-of-art information on the use of energy in wastewater treatment and reuse systems. Special focus is given to innovative technologies, such as membrane bioreactors, ...;

Municipal Water Reuse Markets 2010

by Global Water Intelligence - GWI

This is a comprehensive report on the current and future shape of the water reuse industry. It includes data on over 2600 current and 150 proposed reuse facilities worldwide as well as an analysis of the reuse technologies and applications, country-by-country profiles or companies' involvment in the reuse industry.;

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse

by Amazon.com

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, 4/e is a thorough update of McGraw-Hill's authoritative book on wastewater treatment. No environmental engineering professional or civil or and environmental engineering major should be without a copy of this book- tt describes the technological and regulatory changes that have occurred over the last ...;

Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Municipal Wastewater

by IWA Publishing

In many countries, especially in developing countries, many people are lacking access to water and sanitation services and this inadequate service is the main cause of diseases in these countries.  Application of appropriate wastewater treatment technologies, which are effective, low cost (in investment and especially in operation and ...;

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