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Water for Mining - Opportunities In Scarcity And Environmental Regulation

by Global Water Intelligence - GWI

The global demand for metals and minerals has created major growth in the natural resources market, yet there is a widening gap between the need for increased mining and the availability of water. Mining companies need to secure their water supply for the next 5-15 years if they are to get financial backing. This is a major obstacle in water ...;

Managing Water Demand

by IWA Publishing

The vast arid and semi-arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) constitute 85% of the region's land area and are home to approximately 60% of the region's population. Limited water resources pose severe constraints on people's economic and social progress, testing their resilience and threatening their livelihoods. Rainfall ...;

Water and Agriculture

by IWA Publishing

Agriculture is a major user of water and is responsible for much of its pollution. But the agricultural sector faces increasing competition for scarce water supplies from urban and industrial users and, increasingly, to sustain ecosystems. The 21st century could see ever more extreme weather events, from floods to droughts, which could have ...;

Technology and Equipment for Water Loss Management

by IWA Publishing

With increasing emphasis on conserving scarce water resources and maintaining efficiency of supply today's water utility operators are increasingly encouraged to drive down leakage and other losses to the economic level.;

Water Demand Management

by IWA Publishing

A common characteristic of water demand in urban areas worldwide is its inexorable rise over many years; continued growth is projected over coming decades. The chief influencing factors are population growth and migration, together with changes in lifestyle, demographic structure and the possible effects of climate change (the detailed ...;

Coping with Water Scarcity

by Springer

One of the main problems confronting the world of the 21st Century is a shortage of water. There is already severe scarcity in many regions of the world, causing tremendous problems for local populations and indeed entire societies. There is insufficient water available for the production of food to alleviate poverty and starvation; the lack of ...;

Engineering and Costs of Dual Water Supply Systems

by IWA Publishing

Fresh water is becoming an ever more valuable and scarce resource, and any method or approach that can contribute to the saving of fresh water resources is therefore beneficial.Dual water supply systems are water supply distribution systems employing two sources, consisting of one fresh water system for potable use, and another system of either ...;

Agronomic and Environmental Availability of Biosolids-P (Phase-II)

by IWA Publishing

Concerns about water quality degradation resulting from land appliation of manures and biosolids have elicited a wide array of national and state regulations. The regulations focus on P as the limiting nutrient to eutrophication of most freshwater supplies and threaten to severly impact biosolids recycling. Critical data about biosolids-P ...;

M60 Drought Preparedness and Response

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Providing a reliable supply of water requires being prepared for water shortages of varying degree and duration. What can a municipal water supplier do to plan for or mitigate water shortages caused by drought?Preparing for drought and water shortages before they occur is the best defense. Manual M60 will help water managers facing water shortages ...;

Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality - 4th Edition

by IWA Publishing

This fourth edition of the World Health Organization's Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality builds on over 50 years of guidance by WHO on drinking-water quality, which has formed an authoritative basis for the setting of national regulations and standards for water safety in support of public health.It is the product of significant revisions to ...;

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