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Water Supply

by IWA Publishing

Since the previous edition of Water Supply was published in 1994, there have been significant changes in the field. Systems have been updated and re-designed, and new concepts such as demand management are now commonplace in the water technologists environment.The new edition of Water Supply is written by experts from one of the top engineering ...;

Water Supply and Sanitation for All

by IWA Publishing

The supply of healthy drinking water and disposal of our wastewater is a central problem. Solving this problem is one of the claims of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and consequently an obligation for all those involved with water to join efforts in finding solutions.;

Asian Water Supplies

by IWA Publishing

Asian developing country urban water supplies have progressed little in the last 20 years. Coverage in cities with 24 hour piped, potable water is still under 50% in most cities. Coverage with sewerage is much lower. Unaccounted for water still averages about 35% of production. The author brings his 25 years experience in developing country water ...;

Regional Solutions to Water Supply Provision

by IWA Publishing

Public water supplies traditionally have been drawn from local surface or groundwater sources, and treated and distributed by localized water supply utilities (e.g., owned and operated as part of the local municipal government, local developer, homeowners association). Decades of population and economic growth, emerging regulatory demands, and ...;

Alternative Water Management and Self-Sufficient Water Supplies

by IWA Publishing

This book is based on a screening of 113 worldwide experiences in alternative urban water management. A range of alternative water management strategies have been reviewed and 15 cases from around the world were studied in detail. These are presented as examples of possible water management strategies that have reduced the cities’ dependency ...;

Managing Climate Risk in Water Supply Systems

by IWA Publishing

Water resources systems provide multiple services and, if managed properly, can contribute significantly to social well-being and economic growth. However, extreme or unexpected hydroclimatic conditions, such as droughts and floods, can adversely affect or even completely interrupt these services.  This manual seeks to provide knowledge, ...;

Strategic Asset Management of Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructures

by IWA Publishing

Water and Wastewater companies operating all around the world have faced rising asset management and replacement costs, often to levels that are financially unsustainable.;

Aid Activities in Support of Water Supply and Sanitation

by IWA Publishing

This publication presents comprehensive statistics on aid flows in support of water supply and sanitation for the years 2001-2006, including trends in donors’ aid and the degree of targeting of countries most in need. Individual donor profiles provide summary statistics in the form of charts and tables, and descriptions of donors’ ...;

Engineering and Costs of Dual Water Supply Systems

by IWA Publishing

Fresh water is becoming an ever more valuable and scarce resource, and any method or approach that can contribute to the saving of fresh water resources is therefore beneficial.Dual water supply systems are water supply distribution systems employing two sources, consisting of one fresh water system for potable use, and another system of either ...;

Performance Indicators for Water Supply Services - Second Edition

by IWA Publishing

The IWA Performance Indicator System for water services is now recognized as a worldwide reference. Since it first appearance in 2000, the system has been widely quoted, adapted and used in a large number of projects both for internal performance assessment and metric benchmarking. Water professionals have benefited from a coherent and flexible ...;

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