Land Ocean Interaction

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Land Ocean Interaction

The UK Land-Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS) provided a major opportunity to measure and model the processes controlling the fluxes of materials between river basins and coastal seas.

The main programme of research took place between 1992 and 1998, funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council, and involved approximately 360 coastal researchers contributing to more than 70 collaborative projects.

This book presents accessible summaries of key results of this research. The ten chapters of the book are written by leading contributors to the programme, and cover aspects of the physical, sedimentological, chemical and biological processes controlling fluxes between river catchments and coastal seas in temporate environments.

Major overarching themes for all of the chapters include the persistence, storage, degradation and transport of pollutants from catchment to coastal sea, and an emphasis on the relevance of research for river and coastal water quality management.

The chapters also describe a number of important technological advances in the measurement of processes and longer term monitoring of the fluvial, estuarine and coastal environments. Approaches to monitoring were also transferred between disciplines, in many cases for the first time.

The rivers and coastal programme of LOIS was unique in its scale and inter-disciplinarity and its results are of lasting value. This book provides a useful and important summary of many of its results and an effective introduction to the research for those who want to delve more deeply into the data and published papers. It will be of interest to scientists, environmental managers and scientific policy makers.


  • Background and Context of the Programme                              
  • River and Estuary Management Issues in the Humber Catchment                             
  • Suspended Sediment Fluxes from River Basins                             
  • River Chemistry                             
  • Modelling of Large-Scale River Basins                             
  • Tidal Reaches                             
  • Estuarine Sediments                              
  • The Intertidal Zone                             
  • The Holderness Coast                             
  • Estuarine Chemistry

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