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3D-Micromacs Corporate Philosophy With the philosophy of our company we claim the international technological leadership in laser micromachining. Our know-how as well as our business strategy gives us a clear competitive edge. The key element is the quality policy of our company with its five principles. The perception of environmental responsibility is part of our entrepreneurial self-image. In the foreground, next to the efficient use of energy and raw materials, is the promotion of our employees` sense of environmental protection. By the responsible use of resources we do not only secure the future of our company but also make an important contribution to preserve and improve the quality of life.

3D-Micromac AG develops and manufactures highly efficient systems for laser micromachining as well as innovative coating and printing technologies. Stand-alone systems and entire production lines can be offered and are used, for example, in medical technology, the processing of semiconductors, in photovoltaics and the digital production of printed functionalities.

Our business activities

  • Development, production and service of innovative systems for laser micromachining as well as printing and coating technologies
  • Integration of these systems and technologies into production lines
  • Retrofitting of existing laser systems
  • Development of customized processes and technologies
  • Production of prototypes and limited lots in our own application lab

Besides, 3D-Micromac is your competent partner for the development of new technologies and processes or customized systems.

History of 3D-Micromac

3D-Micromac AG was founded in 2002 by Tino Petsch and Jens Hänel with six employees in Chemnitz. Since then the company has experienced continuous growth to meanwhile more than 140 employees.

Since its founding, 3D-Micromac AG has consistently focused on international and strongly growing high-tech markets. As one of the first companies worldwide 3D-Micromac has applied ultra short pulse lasers for material processing. The company developed and sold its first commercial laser micromachining system already in 2003 with integrated femto and picosecond lasers.

For its innovative capacity and business performance since its formation, 3D-Micromac AG has been honored with a number of awards. For example:

  • 2012: Tino Petsch receives award as “Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • 2011: Winner of “Excellence Award” from Taiwan Laser Application Forum
  • 2011: Winner of “futureSAX Growth Prize”
  • 2011: Winner of “SPIE Green Photonics Award”
  • 2007: Winner of “Innovation Award” of the Free State of Saxony

3D-Micromac AG has started early to build up sales co-operations with established partners from the laser industry as well as worldwide sales partnerships, for example in Asia and North America. Aiming at an intensified customer relationship, the foundation of 3D-Micromac America Corp. was initiated in 2010. The establishment of the subsidiary Hikali KK in Tokyo/Japan in February 2012 pursued the same intention and further deepened the international orientation of the company.

In order to provide space for the planned expansion, the new company headquarters on Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz were opened in April 2009. Due to steady growth, a second building, the microFLEX Center, was opened in May 2012.

3D-Micromac AG has gained an established position among producers of innovative laser micromachining systems in just under 10 years. The company was able to create a stable basis for dynamic growth in international markets with new, convincing products.


microWELD - Model metal - Laser Welding Systems

The manufacturing of medical instruments and implants is characterized by smaller and smaller structures as well as the demand for highest precision in terms of surface quality, absence of burr, and materials residues. While established fabrication technologies increasingly face their limits, laser micromachining provides optimum preconditions for the required quality and precision since machining is accomplished in a contactless fashion.

microSTRUCT - Model vario - Laser Structuring Systems

Due to the advancing miniaturization in electronics, semiconductor manufacturing and medicine technology, it has increasingly become indispensable to possess the capability of machining smaller and finer structures into most various substrates. Substrates to be machined may be of any nature – i.e. metals, alloys, ceramics, transparent material, or biological material. The microSTRUCT varioTM workstation is perfectly suited for all of these ...


27th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (27th EU PVSEC), Intersolar Europe 2011

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Energy - Renewable Energy

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Globally (various continents)

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