Marquis Alliance Energy Group Inc. strongly believes that drilling wastes must be managed effectively & efficiently in order to protect the environment from adverse impacts and to reduce present & future liabilities for the client. Marquis Alliance Energy Group Inc. will balance the needs of the client, landowner and regulatory bodies to provide an optimal drilling waste disposal solution. The drilling fluids services include the design and implementation of drilling fluid systems for producers drilling for oil, bitumen and natural gas.


Bleach 12%

Bleach 12% (Sodium Hypochlorite) is purification, clarifying agent used in the drilling industry.


MF-RIG MATE is one step in a two part house keeping system for use with silicate muds.MF-RIG MATE is a concentrated spray coating that beads off mud quickly and efficiently thereby protecting rig components and reducing the effort of cleaning.


Drilling Waste Management

Our Drilling Waste Management team provides solutions that meet the highest level of regulatory compliance while keeping the most cost-effective disposal options in mind. This group was at the forefront of the Directive 50 review process, providing us with an unparalleled understanding. With their knowledge, our in-house laboratory has conducted substantial testing to ensure the Drilling Fluids team supplies products that meet Directive 50 ...

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Service provider

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Soil and Groundwater

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Internationally (various countries)

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