A Quality Indoor Environment has been `Providing Healthy Solutions for Your Environment.` A Quality Indoor Environment, is focused on residential and commercial properties in the West Central communities of Florida. The combination of knowing how to inspect a property and advising you how to maintain a healthy environment provides the expertise to advise and recommend solutions and return your residence and office to a clean, fresh environment. Mary O`Hara has over 25 years in the health care arena serving in executive leadership positions in Minneapolis, Seattle, St Louis, and Tampa leading healthcare services organizations. Mary has a Masters in Public Health Care administration with a concentration in epidemiology (study of diseases). Her professional passion has always been improving the health of moms and children and the elderly and pets.

About Us

Inspection & Testing

Whether you are looking to have your environment tested for mold & fungal spores, pollen, bacteria, manmade vitreous fibers (MMVF's), dander, insect fragments or odor identification caused from volatile organic compounds (VOC's) - gases released into the air from solids or liquids such as particleboards, paint, adhesives, upholstery, drapery, carpet, spray cans, construction material and dry clean clothes we can help you idenifty what's in the air you are breathing. We also offer water analysis for private drinking wells or public drinking water supplies.

Molds are microscopic organisms found virtually everywhere, indoor and outdoors. Many of our building materials are especially susceptible to promoting mold growth and when you add moisture and higher humidity levels, mold and mildew will grow very quickly.

Exposure to toxic molds are a real threat to your health, even greater than allergies or irritative molds. Toxic mold species such as Stachybotrys (Black Mold), Aspergillus, Penicillium and Cladosporium have been linked to many serious health conditions.  

Consider testing your environment when you buy a new home, have leaks, or notice any mold growing in your environment. Air quality testing should also be done when allergic reactions are occurring with one or more individuals living in the home or working in the office. Refer to our store for all do it yourself testing supplies, environmental products and other helpful products we offer to help improve your environment and air quality.

Sanitization and Remediation

If visual evidence and/or air quality test results indicate above normal contaminates in the environment or if you have odors caused from tobacco smoke, pets, cooking or fire & water damage we can assist you. We offer solutions for whatever indoor air quality problem you may have. Visit our store or contact us with your concerns and we will give you our suggestions to best resolve your problems!

Indoor Air Quality

Today, American families spend more than 90% of their time inside. The American College of Allergists report that 50% of all illnesses are caused by polluted INDOOR air. Asthma and other respiratory problems are on the rise due to poor indoor air quality caused by:

  • Dust Mites
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Pollens
  • Bacteria
  • House Dust
  • Smoke
  • Pet Dander & Odors

Reduction of tiny particles such as these can help prevent runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throats, headaches and other symptoms triggered by allergens and other household pollution. Vist our store to purchase do it yourself test kits to test your environment.


Perfect Solution

This all-purpose cleaner/degreaser can be used on most hard surfaces not damaged by water.  Perfect Solution can be used at a dilution ratio of 1 to 128 (1oz. per gallon) to full strength.  Hot water will improve cleaning results and reduce time and effort required. Perfect Solution should be sprayed, brushed or mopped on the surface to be cleaned.  Allow to soak a few mintues and rinse thoroughly.

Model Natural Air 50 - Air Purifiers

Designed to treat a single bathroom, laundry room, closet or other small-enclosed space, the NA50 brings air regeneration technology to you in a small package. It's the perfect unit to place near a litter box, trash receptacle or other “problem” area of up to 50 sq. feet. The NA50 is designed to plug directly into any standard 110V household outlet and provide 24/7 service using both negative ions and activated oxygen emissions. The GenII ...


Allergen Testing

If you, your family or friends suffer from allergys  related to pets, dust mites, dander, mold or other allergens you can test your environment and idenitify what you are breathing.  Please visit our store for self test kits. With the laboratory report in hand you will be able to consult with your doctor regarding the best course of action for you or your loved one.

Residential & Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

Please refer to our store for do it yourself screening test kits for all your indoor air quality needs:  mold, bacteria, allergen, fiberglass, dust mites, formaldehyde and other VOC's.

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