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Model Handymac - Battery Powered Dewatering Pump

Low, 30-AMP current draw. Average 12-VOLT light truck or automobile battery provides about one hour continuous pumping without running engine. (Longer time on larger batteries; slightly shorter time during cold weather.

Model 6312 Series - By-Pass with Integral Valves

Rear Center Inlet by Vertical Outlet,  6' Centerline, Integral Valves, Meter Manifold Application. A Full Flow even in By-Pass Mode - 6' Centerline. No interruption in service or reduction in flow capacity and no loss of pilot lights. Scheduling, re-lights, & associated cost are a thing of the past, no need for additional hoses, regulators, bottles, or any special tools. Meter change-outs can be performed anytime, 12 months a year...

Model 835 Series - Meter Outlet Ball Valves With A By-Pass Option

Inlet - Integral 3/4' or 1' FNPT, Outlet - Integral 3/4' or 1' FNPT, Optional by-pass access port Size: 3/8'.

DuraMAC Booster Pump - Residential

Series Description: The World’s Most Versatile Residential Booster System. Easy Set-up and Installation. Digital Control. Dry-Run Protection. Durable Stainless Steel and No-Lead Brass Connections.

Model 559 Series - Iron Body Gas Plug Valves less Lockwing

Series Description: Brass Plug. Inlet: Integral Female Pipe Thread. Outlet: Integral Female Pipe Thread. B = Black Iron Body. G = Zinc and Clear Chromate Iron Body. PNT = Epoxy Painted AGA Gray. C = With 1/8' Test Plug on Inlet. D = With 1/8' Test Plug on Outlet.

Model 8100 Series - Shallow Well

Pricing and Information is subject to change. Contact Factory to confirm current information.

Model 4439S - Balancing Valves

Inlet: Copper Sweat Outlet:Copper Sweat40 WOG

Model 21000 Series - Bronze Lead Free 4

A.Y. McDonald offers a full line of 4' submersibles ranging from 1/3 HP through 15 HP. Our submersibles offer peak capacity performance in 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 33, 45, 60, 75 and 90 GPM throughout the range of low to high heads. All 4' submersibles are supplied with grounded leads meeting the National Electrical Code (N.E.C.) specifications.

Model 2065 - Union Swing Check Valve - Sewage Check Valves

True union swing design,O-Ring seal,Easy removal for cleaning & inspections,Installs Horizontally or Vertically,All valves are pressure tested to ensure LEAK-proof performance

Model 2065LU - 1-Piece Socket Swing Check Valve - Sewage Check Valves

O-ring seal Installs Horizontally or Vertically All valves are pressure tested to ensure LEAK-proof performance Incorporates a nested flapper that eliminates the stress at the hinge point Valve body manufactured with high grade ABS

UFR - Angle Dual Check Valve

The AY McDonald 212 Series Unmeasured-Flow Reducer (UFR) Angle Dual Check Valve is an innovative design that allows low volumes of water usage, previously unmeasured by any water meter, to be measured simply by batching the usage. Indicators show that 5% to 10% of total water consumption is lost due to low, unmeasured flows. This device has been in service worldwide.

Model 212-3HE - UFR - Angle Dual Check Valve

Meter Swivel Nut with support x Female National Pipe Thread (FNPT)

14 Products found
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