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No.628, Jufengyuan Lu, Baoshan Industry District, Shanghai, Shanghai |200444 China

A.YITE Company is a big group in electric and chemical field, including 2 factory and 1 big laboratory for Electronic Products and Chemistry Products. AYT company start his business from 1973, have a long history, so Rich Experience to supply better products and service. In the Environmental Protect field, we design many type of water analyzer products, most of them is industry grade water online monitor, e.g. PH & OPR Analyzer, Conductivity Analyzer, Dissolve


A.YITE - Model GE-104P - Portable Handheld Flow Current Velocity Meter

This flow current velocity meter is smart, aesthetic appearance, compact design, simple operation, convenient when measuring. It is widely used to measure the flow current velocity in river, irrigation canal, surface runoff, hydrological experiment, and measuring pipeline flow to test the efficiency of the pump station, wastewater monitoring and seepage flow measuring in the Environmental protection.

A.YITE - Model GE-324 - Visual LED Display Thermal Flow Switch

This Thermal Flow Switch is used to measure and monitor the liquid flow state, with LED to display the flow condition and sent alarm signal. The flow set point is adjustable by the user directly, No pressure loss, and stabitly with sensitive performance.


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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

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Internationally (various countries)

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Over 1000

more than $1,000,000,000 US

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