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Microbial Products

Micro N - Bio Aabsorb

BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N is a concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micronutrients formulated for use in the degredation of petroleum based hydrocarbons.Absorb and clean up oil spills Quickly and Effectively with microbes.BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N is an absorbent, bio-remediation and oil spill remediation product made from milled BAGASSE. Bagasse is a waste byproduct of the sugar cane industry.

BIO-AABSORB - Microbial Liquid Cleaner

BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANERis a multi-purpose liquid cleaner with orange turpene. It is a microbial, bio-remedial cleaner with oil eating microbes. Our new and improved formula is 100% environmentally safe.BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANERis used in lieu of a 'general' cleaner/degreaser because it will digest any hydrocarbons on contact as it cleans the surface with oil eating microbes. BIO-AABSORB LIQUID CLEANERmakes disposal extremely simple because the...

Safety Products

High Visibility Orange Fuel Oil Gloves

Having the right glove when your delivering fuel oil is extremely important. At Aabaco, we have a vast array of fuel oil gloves in our inventory, too large to present all of them on the website. We will showcase a few of our most popular. However, if there is a fuel oil glove you need for your delivery drivers or other fuel oil industry worker, please contact us 1-800-423-8850 and we will make every effort to find the right glove to suit your needs.

Oil Spill Kits

Aabaco - Oil Spill Kits

An Aabaco Oil Spill Kit can mean the difference between an 'incident' and a 'disaster'. A properly stocked, maintained and deployed spill kit can protect our natural resources and save your company from fines, clean-up costs and damage to your reputation.Aabaco Environmental can custom build an oil spill kit that suits your petroleum needs. We provide our clients with a vast array of specialty oil spill kits. We can also have your company name...

Carpet Cleaning

Sundial Pre-Spray and Spot Remover

Sundial Pre-Spray will provide a pleasant citrus fragrance to any room. With so many uses as a Cleaner, Maintainer and Deodorizer, it is the most versatile carpet product you can buy! USE JUST 4oz. PER GALLON OF WATER SUNDIAL PRE-SPRAY is the state of the art product for the carpet cleaning professional. SUNDIAL PRE-SPRAY has a vast array of uses such as spot cleaning, heavy traffic areas, smoke and water damage, lifts chewing gum and candle wax from...

5 Products found
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