Adams Environmental Field Services LLC. environmental studies can now save time and money with real-time, on-the-spot elemental analysis-from Magnessium to Uranium, from PPM to 100%-in solids, Liquids, Powders, cores, fragments, filters&Films, slurries and More. Adams Environmental Field Services LLC provides cost-effective, timely analysis. One simple test can analyze up to 25 separate elements in seconds, including priority pollutants. XRF Analyzers help Adams Environmental Field Services LLC. determine zonal and contamination patterns; track pollutants migration causedby extreme weather, perform real-time surveys to delineate and define metals presents;essentially, help you evaluate data at the site for a rapid, comprehensive site investigation while you`re there. Our purpose is to provide you with innovative e-waste management and recycling services for the disposal of electronic equipment. By using our services, you will contribut.


Lead Inspection

When it comes to the safety of your home, lead can be one of the most dangerous elements found in the home as lead can be found in some of the most common objects. Since most older homes contain lead, it is important that you get your home tested as this can lead to severe illness if not treated properly and right away. If your home was built before 1978 or you live near a highway or busy road where leaded gasoline could have contaminated the soil, ...

Mold Services

Do you think your home or workplace is suffering from mold? At Adams Environmental Field Services, LLC, we can help put your worries to rest with our comprehensive state-of-the-art equipment which will help determine if mold is present. We are able to determine if mold is a problem without tearing out walls or carpet or destroying your home or office. Our technology utilizes infrared light to pinpoint the mold effectively.

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Monitoring and Testing - Analytical Services

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