ADOS gas analysis and gas warning systems have been established in industrial and domestic installations for more than 100 years. ADOS gas warning systems can be used for sensing numerous toxic and explosive, organic and inorganic gases. ADOS analyzers for biogas, hydrocarbons and fluegas complete the company production line.

Company Information


For more than 100 years our medium-sized company stands for innovation in gas analysis, gas warning and environmental protection.

We produce for nearly all the fields of application, transportable gas-measuring items and stationary gas-measuring systems, which can measure and detect by use of high-sensitive detectors a multitude of hazardous substances in smallest concentrations and therewith warn the people in time.

Our specialists offer all over the world expert advice, first-class installation as well as a reliable service on site.

Scope of Services

  • Consultation and Technical Planning
    • Design and Development of innovative components and systems in measuring and control engineering
  • Installation and Commissioning
    • Planning the start-up and initiation phases
    • System control and adjustment
    • Instruction and training
    • Documentation
  • Technical Services
    • Repairs
    • Single inspections
    • Maintenance and calibration
    • Fault remedies
    • System components and spare parts service
    • System analysis
  • Trans-European service
    • supplemented by our worldwide network of agencies abroad
  • Coverage of various price and quality levels
  • All queries are immediately processed


  • Stationary and portable gas measurement systems
  • Highly-sensitive sensors measure a vast number of dangerous substances, even in very small concentrations and can thus give warnings of potential dangers
  • Sophisticated equipment for special requirements as well as universal applications
  • Extensive production program –
  • “low budget” or “high end equipment”
  • System components for completion of a gas warning system
  • Solutions for sampled gas conditioning and extraction


ADOS - MWS 903 - Multi-Channel Gas Warning System

The multi-channel gas warning equipment ADOS MWS 903 continuously monitors the surrounding air and provides an early warning of dangerous, explosive and non-combustible gases and vapours. It is possible to connect up to 8 gas transmitters (2- or 3-wire) to the unit.

ADOS - Multitronik 592 - Measurement, Control & Warning Unit For Sensors

The complete ADOS MULTITRONIK 592 gas measurement system consists of the following system components: ADOS 592 gas sensors in a housing with amplifier and 4-20 mA current interface. Input & output cards and modules for standardized input and output signals. Microcontroller-aided evaluation unit in 19' system with application specific, standard plug-in Euro cards. Measuring units with integrated gas sensors for gas intake system with measuring ...



The ADOS GmbH company has at its disposal, a world-wide, efficient network of service facilities. Highly motivated and qualified employees, modern, up-to-date technical equipment and flexible arrangements, support the high quality of our products. Because of the close proximity to our customers, we are able to offer fast and uncomplicated support for solving your problems and planning future tasks.


ACHEMA 2012, Pollutec Horizons 2011

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Air and Climate

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


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