Advanced Global Trading (AGT): Global Leaders in the Verified Emissions Trading Market & SEM (Strategic Earth Metals) Market. One of the world`s most dynamic and fast-growing Emissions Spot Trading organisations within the Verified Emissions market. Advanced Global Trading not a scam or fraud. AGT`s passionate team of emissions professionals specialises in the sourcing and trading of Verified ETPs & SEM in the dynamic over-the-counter (OTC)market. Nominated for Best Sustainable Investment at the 2011 International Green Awards, AGT`s specialist commitment to both historically-lucrative ETPs & SEM trading for individuals and also encouraging companies to retire ETPs as part of their CSR programmes, has helped it quickly become a global industry-leader. No Scam, No Fraud.

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All about Advanced Global Trading

Advanced Global Trading (AGT) is one of the world's most dynamic and fast-growing Emissions Spot Trading organisations within the ETP (Emissions Trading Market) and SEM (Strategic Rare Earth Metals) market. AGT's passionate team of Investment professionals specialises in the sourcing and trading of Verified Emissions Trading Permits (ETPs) and SEM in the dynamic over-the-counter (OTC) market.

Nominated for Best Sustainable Investment at the 2011 International Green Awards, Advanced global trading AGT's specialist commitment to both historically-lucrative ETPs & SEM trading for individuals and also encouraging companies to retire ETPs as part of their CSR programmes, has helped it quickly become a global industry-leader.

Collectively Advanced global trading's team comprises over 50 professionals across a variety of specialisations, ranging from emissions calculations and reduction strategies, to trading and analysing markets. AGT's principals and partners have vast experience working in regulated markets across Europe and the Middle East in fields including private equity, project financing, property sales and investment, capital markets, fund structuring, capital raising and, of course, verified emissions trading. This rounded investment experience is shared enthusiastically throughout AGT's close-knit global network of offices.

Advanced global trading Dubai headquarters, which opened early 2011, has grown dramatically within only eight months of operation and includes a corporate team established to approach corporations, government bodies and even entire Gulf countries to spread the green message across the world's worst polluting region per capita. The organisation's trading offices in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, USA and South Africa give access to international markets and suppliers, ensuring AGT is ideally placed to help investors profit while helping the environment.

According to the World Bank, the global CO2 trading market is now worth a phenomenal US$144 billion and is expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2025. AGT works only with VCS-verified projects, providing access to this market through trading VCUs, helping to offset millions of tonnes of CO2 through a wide range of projects - from reforestation to wind farms.


Advanced Global Trading (AGT) aims to become one of the world's largest providers of Verified Emission Trading Permit (ETPs) and Strategic Rare Earth Metals (SEM) in the dynamic over-the-counter (OTC) market.

Our Business Principles

  • AGT always puts its clients, investors, and stakeholders first to ensure that by use of our good judgement, professionalism, and best practice, we will ensure our longevity and success as a firm.
  • Our core values are to be Professional, Creative, Responsive, Trustworthy, and International in all our dealings with our clients. We take tremendous pride in the professional quality of our work and take an all encompassing approach aiming for excellence and success in everything we undertake in as a firm. These values, continuously improve the way we work, and ultimately balance the pursuit of growth of our firm alongside the control of costs and risk as a total commitment to our stakeholders.
  • Working cross-culturally, across very diverse and international markets, we know we cannot remain complacent and recognise the importance of adapting to the needs of our clients. We therefore constantly strive to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our clients and tailor solutions to meet those needs effectively and efficiently.
  • AGT regularly receives confidential information through normal dealings through our firm's client relationships and hence we would never contemplate breaching this trust to inappropriately misuse any confidential information we do receive.
  • Intensity, integrity, honesty, and intellectual curiosity form the core qualities of the people we look to attract. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do, both in their work for our firm and in their personal lives.
  • Through the experienced people of our firm we consistently try to be creative to find not only a better solution to a potential problem but also the best way to a solving a client's unique problems.
  • We aim to help develop new markets and help pioneer many of the practices and techniques that we feel may become the industry standard amongst our peers and competitors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Take Action

Addressing your CO2 footprint as part of your CSR strategy can provide benefits such as:

  • Competitive advantage and market leadership —

Differentiate your company and create market advantage through innovative activities and CO2 offsetting commitments. A well communicated 'green' corporate strategy based on environmental values can be used to strengthen your brand images and its receptiveness by consumers in today’s overcrowded media marketplace.

  • Financial protection and a lower cost of compliance

CO2 offsets combined with a wider CO2 management plan will help you meet legal and regulatory requirements while minimizing your overall costs and risk exposure.

  • Employee morale

Going CO2 neutral can have a significant impact of employee morale. It promotes a forward thinking, responsible and caring attitude where employees see the company taking a pro-active and inclusive approach to environmental issues. Attracting and retaining top talent can be a real benefit.

How we can help

Purchasing VCS credits means that your road to becoming CO2 neutral will be much quicker but also move your company in the right direction to complying with the inevitable legislation on offsetting a majority of your CO2 emissions. It is this pre-compliance that is a major factor currently driving the market demand.

AGT have had great success in helping companies embed CO2 management into their corporate and social responsibility framework using the AGT seal of approval.

AGT can help you leverage the PR implications of CO2 management to great effect in addition to helping create opportunities for maximising cost efficiency and profit through sustainability issues.

The AGT Seal of Approval is intended to provide a benchmark for companies going CO2 neutral. It establishes a number of criteria, which your organisation will be required to fulfil, in order to receive full and official accreditation.

Becoming carbon neutral with AGT will be a great asset to your business. Following qualification, you will be entitled to use the AGT seal of approval on your website, stationery and other marketing, sales and corporate literature.

Act now and set your business on track to becoming CO2 neutral with AGT. Contact your local AGT office today.


Advanced Global Trading - Calculating Your CO2 Footprint

Implementing a CO2 management plan involves a number of steps. The first step to managing your future CO2 footprint is to measure your existing one. To put a CO2 reduction plan in place requires an understanding of your current situation. Once the data has been collected and your CO2 emissions have been calculated it will be possible to establish a reduction target and work on the most cost effective methods of achieving it. AGT can provide a CO2 ...

Advanced Global Trading - CO2 Reduction

Putting a CO2 reduction programme in place to reduce CO2 emissions to meaningful target levels will help you deliver a number of goals within your overall corporate strategy, including driving forwards cost savings plus positive communication with customers, investors and employees.


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