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We are Silver Recovery Unit Manufacturer and are in this business for more then 30 years. Using our Silver Recovery Units you can Recover or Extract Silver from any photographic waste solution. You can recover or extract silver from Hypo, Fixer, Colour Bleach, CD Developer Solution, X-Ray films or Black & White Films. This Silver Extraction or Silver Recovery technique is introduced first time in India using “SILVER RECOVERY UNIT’’ by AERO PRODUCTS. This Silver Recovery Units recovers silver from Fixer, Hypo and Color Bleach Solution. You can recover silver from any of the above solutions using AERO Silver Reocvery units, without any hassle and is completely environment friendly, as it does not gives out any dangerous fumes or gases. You can use our models according to your requirement for silver recovery or silver extraction. from Hypo, Silver Recovery from Fixer, Silver Recovery from Colour Bleach, Silver Recovery from CD Developer Solution.


Silver Recovery Units

Silver Recovery Units are used for silver recovery from various photographic, X-Ray Clinic, Lithographic, Offset Printing waste solution. We are in leading Manufacturer of Silver REcovrey Units in India and are in this Business for more the 35 years now. We have 6 models to choose from. Our units are completely enviornment friendly as they do not give our harmful gases and also do not produce any noise. Please visit our website to see our product section



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