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Testing Services

Air and Water Field Testing Service

Air and water field testing, conducted on installed windows and curtain walls, is intended to help ensure the quality of installation, the performance of installed products, and verify compliance with architect and industry specifications. It also identifies the source of water damage and leakage problems in the field through forensic investigations.

Analytical Testing Service

UL microbiologists and chemists have been at the forefront of safety science for decades. Our analytical testing services help manufacturers and retailers confirm that products-from food and drugs to chemicals, household goods and toys-perform according to specifications and meet international standards.

Chemical Emissions Testing Service

As a global leader in the science of safety, UL evaluates products and materials to determine their impact on indoor air quality and, by extension, human health. Whether your products need to meet the emissions requirements of environmental certifications or regulations or you simply wish to have a better understanding of your products' potential impact on the indoor air for legal or risk assessment purposes, UL is your partner for developing...

Inspection Services

Building Inspections Service

UL's building inspection services leverage more than a century of experience in testing, certifying and inspecting fire and life safety and security products. UL's in-depth knowledge of local, national and international codes meets the increasing need among building owners, developers, facility managers and architects for inspections of fire and life safety and security systems in their buildings. When a fire occurs, fire and life safety and...

Factory Inspection Service

UL factory inspections provide customized product inspection support, based on customers' predefined parameters or customer-accepted specifications. These inspections provide retailers, buyers and original equipment manufacturers confidence in the quality of the suppliers that they work with as well as the reliability of the products that are sourced from these suppliers.

Field Inspection Service

UL's field inspection provides a solution for installed equipment and products that have active UL certification but are not properly labeled with the UL Mark. In these cases, UL can provide an on-site inspection to allow such products or equipment to be field-labeled, saving time and costs associated with removal for relabeling.

Auditing Services

Food Safety Audit Service

Food safety is a primary concern for today’s informed consumers and a critical success factor for food service companies. With extensive industry experience and expertise, UL Everclean food safety audits help identify and correct potential vulnerabilities to promote best practice methods, improve safety and help reduce liability.

Environmental Responsibility Audits Service

UL's environmental responsibility audits help companies manage environmental risk and improve their environmental performance across the entire supply chain. We help companies increase their understanding of environmental compliance issues and assess their workplaces against international standards and national regulations. We focus on identifying root causes, developing practical solutions and managing implementation, while also empowering our...

8 Services found
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