Airflow Systems, Inc.® manufactures air cleaning equipment for industrial and commercial facilities. Whether removing machine shop coolant and oil mist, welding smoke, grinding and sanding dust, solder smoke, paper dust, odors, or vehicle exhaust gases, we have a solution. Airflow Systems, Inc. produces air cleaning systems that protect workers, production time, and the work environment. Safeguard your manufacturing process by installing an Airflow Systems industrial clean air filtration solution.


Airflow - DTH-800 - Downdraft Tables

Pressure Gauge Kit: Indicates when filters require cleaning. Regulator. Silencer: Reduces noise by up to 6 dBA. Custom Cartridge Media: For specific applications. After-Filters: 99.97% HEPA, 95%, and odor-control modules. Center Divider and Side Shields: Improves collection efficiency; eliminates contaminant migration. Enclosures and Lighting: Enhances work area; encourages productivity.

Airflow - MPH1.5 - Mist Collectors

Pressure Gauge Kit: Monitors air pressure at inlet for reduced static pressure; indicates need for filter cleaning, ensures optimum energy efficiency. Ceiling-hung Mounting Kit: Easily suspend unit above machine tools where machine-top mounting is unavailable. 10-inch Lift Kit: Provides clearance for inlet ducting; simplifies access for maintenance operations.

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Technology - Manufacturer

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Air and Climate

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Globally (various continents)


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