Alfa is an engineering and technology consulting company which logo is “Clean Air, Clean Water, and Clean and Renewable Energy”. Alfa team works on development of eco-friendly technologies for chemical, refining, transportation, agriculture and waste remodeling Industries. Alfa Technology belongs to a new science named Sonochemistry and uses a cavitation process and spherical implosion of micro bubbles which can create extraordinary physical and chemical conditions in otherwise cold liquids. Alfa Technology™ has multiple applications in several sectors. Designed and created prototypes of cost-effective Alfa Systems™ may be used for: 1) purification of potable water; 2) treatment of wastewater; 3) sewage water reuse; 4) refinement of petroleum fuels after extended storage; 5) activation of diesel into truck tank; 6) production of low cost Bio-fuels from vegetable oils, and 7) biomedicine and nano-scale drug formulation


Alfa Wastewater Treatment System

Alfa Wastewater Treatment System with Bubble Implosion Reactor, ozone generator, ozone injector and powerful centrifugal pump can be used for treatment of industrial wastewater on chemical and biodiesel plants. Combination of several Bubble Implosion Reactors with conventional equipment can decrease wastewater contaminations up to 75% or to the level acceptable for reuse of water in agriculture and industry. Industrial type system can be developed by ...

Alfa Fuel Activator

Alfa Fuel Activator with Bubble Implosion Reactor refines stored diesel fuel and fuel in a tank of truck, locomotive, marine and non-road diesel powered equipment. This compact and cost effective device can help to increase fuel economy up to 45%, horsepower up to 15%, reduce engine emissions up to 75%, and improve combustion process and engine operational performance. Industrial Alfa Fuel Activator with operational manual can be ordered by manufacturing ...

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Internationally (various countries)


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