Environmental services in Turkey catering for international investors/businesses entering the Turkish market. Us individuals in the developed or the rapidly developing world need to empathise and sympathise with the services needed and to deliver to create changes that benefit the society and the environment for a sustainable future for all.

Application/Industries Served

Environmental Due Diligence, Water and wastewater quality and projects, contaminated land and clean up, feasibility studies, EIA and Community and Stakeholder engagement


Environmental Due Diligence Service

Trusted advisory services for international investors on mergers and acquisitions within Turkey. Adherence to strict confidentiality requirements and meeting tight deadlines associated with M&A. Experience working as an environmental advisor on M&A panels. High Quality international Reporting. Competent in assessing due diligence encompassing the EPA, EU Directives, and Turkish Environmental Acts and Legislations into assessing Business Risks ...

Construction Site Management Service

Development of Environmental & Site Management Plans prior construction engagements {especially for existing significant vegetation on construction sitesj. Occupational Health 8. Safety Trainings for Construction staff including traffic management. Archaeological Management. Environmental Reporting procedures for contracts. Site remediation post construction (for significant vegetation, creeks, rivers, etc


Company details

Business Type:
Consulting firm

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Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

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