Environmental services in Turkey catering for international investors/businesses entering the Turkish market. Us individuals in the developed or the rapidly developing world need to empathise and sympathise with the services needed and to deliver to create changes that benefit the society and the environment for a sustainable future for all.

Application/Industries Served

Environmental Due Diligence, Water and wastewater quality and projects, contaminated land and clean up, feasibility studies, EIA and Community and Stakeholder engagement


Community Consultation Services on Projects

For a variety of Stakeholders. Project Stakeholders. Government Authorities. Community. Community consultation pre-commencement during construction and post construction phases of the project interpreting the project scope and intent accurately to varying levels within the Community. To provide direct inquiry and consultative mechanisms for ease of reach. Community Consultation feedbacks will be presented back to the project for applicable solutions ...

Water Sensitive Cities Service

Wetland design. Wetland rehabilitation works. Assessment of water quality improvements achieved from wetlands via water quality modelling. Development of alternative systems such as bioretention systems, swales etc for alternative infrastructure design. Soft Engineering Principles harnessing landscape architecture with traditional engineering designs for hydraulics and hydrology. Drought Management Plans. Flood Management Plans.


Company details

Business Type:
Consulting firm

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Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

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