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Advanced Burner Products

FireStar - Proven Low NOx Burner Retrofit Package For Atmospheric Boilers

ALZETA Corporation, world leader in Ultra-Low NOx burner technologies, delivers its system solution for Bay Area atmospheric boilers; BAAQMD Regulation 9, Rule 7. FireStar ALZETA’s latest ceramic- metallic surface—modular system design, simple operation, quick and easy installation. Premixed surface-stabilized combustion. Less than 15 ppm NOx @ 3% O2. Low pressure drop, anti-plugging, surface. Capacities from 1 million to 10 million...

Duratherm - Low NOx Gas-Fired Radiant Gas Burners

Low NOx Gas-Fired Radiant Gas Burners for High Performance Residential and Commercial Heaters and Boilers. Gas-Fired Radiant Burner: Alzeta’s DURATHERM burner is a forced-draft, pre-mixed, gas-fired radiant burner designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial heating equipment requiring efficient, high intensity, transfer of heat with state-of-the-art emissions performance.

CSB - Ultra-Low NOx Gas Burners For Commercial and Industrial Boilers and Process Heaters

Premixed Surface-Stabilized Combustion: ALZETA CSB burners use patented fully-premixed surface-stabilized combustion technology to provide our customers with the simplest ultra-low NOx solution in the industry. Premixing fuel and air assures complete combustion, with minimal generation of CO and unburned hydrocarbons. Surface stabilization guarantees reliable operation at the ultra-lean and high FGR conditions required to meet today's most stringent...

nanoSTAR - Gas Burner For Natural Gas Fired Industrial Gas Turbines

ALZETA's newest combustion technology delivers down to 2.5 ppm NOx for natural gas fired industrial gas turbines used for mechanical drive and power generation applications up to 60 MW.

ALZETA - High Output Metal Fiber Surface Combustion Systems

Several metallic burner materials are available from ALZETA®.  Most popular is our CSB™which is widely used to achieve ultra-low NOx in boilers.  With a heat release of over 1 million Btu/hr-ft2 (3 MW/m2), this burner can easily fit in most combustion chambers, while maintaining a volumetric heat release rate...


OEM, Commercial & Industrial Boiler Burners

ALZETA Corporation is a leader in commercial and industrial boiler burner technology.  Our team of engineering experts stands behind our products, ensuring the burner element designed specifically for your application provides long lasting and high performance capabilities.  When it comes to reliability, efficiency, and air quality control, you can trust the team at ALZETA.

Commercial & Industrial Process Heaters

ALZETA premix surface stabilized gas burners are an excellent choice for application on fired heaters of many types:  forced draft vertical cylindrical configuration, cabin style, or box style.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

ALZETA combustion technology provides numerous benefits for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  Our flameless oxidation systems, catalytic oxidizers, surface burners, and other designs deliver superior performance, while meeting the industry’s needs for compact size, low down time, and minimal maintenance.

VOC Abatement & Remediation Systems

Since 1991, ALZETA has delivered industry-leading VOC abatement and remediation technology.  Our flameless oxidation components, incinerator burners, and waste gas burners are used in VOC abatement systems and at remediation sites around the world.

Special Drying and Heating Applications

ALZETA has provided burners for a number of specialized applications.

10 Products found
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