Brief Company Profile - Ambidata® is a leading Portuguese technological provider of digital solutions and consulting to laboratories, with two specialized teams/departments in this area: the SOFTWARE team that develops a LIMS (LABORATORY Information/INTEGRATION Management Software/SOLUTION) : LabWay-LIMS® is adressed to any industry laboratories needs and specifications (Analytical Process; ERP, BI, CRM); the SERVICING/ QUALITY team specialized in implementing LabWay-LIMS® , focused on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in order to assist our Laboratories Customers in developing their management system for quality, administrative and technical operations. Our solutions are designed and implemented for a future where the digital laboratory has its equipments and software solutions integrated and capable of optimizing resources. We provide the best quality of service (QoS) by offering unique and valuable laboratory digital solutions, at the best price in the market.


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Company Profile

Who are We

Ambidata® is a leading Portuguese technological provider of digital solutions and consulting to laboratories, with a specialized team in this area, 90% of those university high level graduates. We have our headquarters in Oporto, Portugal, and we began activity in October 1999.Since 2009 we have a branch in Madrid (Spain).

Our mission is to provide a future where the digital laboratory has equipments and software solutions integrated, capable of optimizing resources and providing the best quality of service (QoS). Our main goal is to provide to our clients services and solutions with the highest quality, unique and valuable, at the best price in the market.

How do we do IT

Ambidata® develops, supply and assists a global software solution, LabWay-LIMS®, which integrates all the functionalities of a LIMS(Laboratory Integration Management Solutions) and Quality Management products. This is a truly global digital solution for any laboratory, which integrates also all the existing equipments. Because we consider that knowledge in the field is the most important factor for a successful implementation of this solution, half of our team is constituted by chemical and environmental engineers, quality consultants (ISO 17025:2005) and biologists; the other half are software engineers. 

Who we do IT for

Ambidata® provides a global digital solution for laboratories. We want to transform your laboratory in a digital laboratory. We have Customers/partners/associates in all sort of industries: water supply analysis; food processing analysis; air and gaseous effluent analysis; chemical and petrochemical industry; liquid effluent analysis; civil construction and raw materials testing; pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, mining & consumer products, clinical, health care & veterinary, food & beverage, utilities , environmental and commercial labs.

For the global market we have technological partners in each market, that have the same vision Ambidata has, offering and servicing LabWay-LIMS® and special products developed by Ambidata Lda. and registered by our partner.

What makes us innovative

LabWay-LIMS® is a worldwide LIMS that incorporates all the functionalities of Quality Management, ERP Business Intelligence and CRM software. This way, the digital laboratory will have only one software solution to manage all its activities, including equipment integration. LabWay-LIMS® includes intuitive and friendly features and functionalities that allow for real time entry of all data in a Lab. In addition, all the existing processes in a lab are connected through workflow mechanisms, enabling the creation of a true Digital Environment. Ambidata® uses in its development the most recent Microsoft technologies, like Visual Studio .NET 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Office 2007, and it is always updating its technologies.

Certification and Quality Control

Ambidata® is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and our RDI activities are certified under NP 4457. All software products developed by Ambidata® are certified by Microsoft (Veritest) and its source code is registered in Software associations.We are members of Portuguese association COTEC that promotes a culture of innovation as a crucial source of company competitiveness.

International Operations and Alliances

Internationalization is in the top of our Strategy, because the Portuguese market is small, but also because we consider that our products are worldwide competitive. In some markets, Spain and PALOPs(Africa), Ambidata® is and will be physically present, offering its solutions directly to the final Customers; in all other markets, Ambidata® has technological partners that have the same vision Ambidata® has and that can, like us, ensure and guarantee that the Laboratory Value Chain is fully assured with high quality patterns.

Our Expertise and Solutions Team

Who do we do IT for and How do we do IT

Ambidata’s Software unit Creates, Develops and Maintains a range of Software Solutions. We are not a Software house dedicated into developping applications for any area. We have chosen to specialize exclusively in three areas:

  • Environmental Analysis Laboratories
  • Medically Assisted Procreation Laboratories
  • Laboratories for anatomic pathology testing

Ambidata´s Consulting Team specialized in implementing our digital solutions and it is focused on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in order to assist our Laboratories Customers in developing their management system for quality, administrative and technical operations.

We have become experts in these areas, with a multidisciplinary team which includes Software Engineers, Chemists, Biologists, Environment Specialists and Pathology Anatomy Technicians. As a result, the applications developed by Ambidata Lda. incorporate very particular characteristics, being completely conceived, developed and implemented to respond to our Customers real and daily issues and needs.

The Solutions we Implement


Our Customers

Ten Year Anniversary Ten Year Anniversary

Our Team

Empowering your Lab

21 excellency professionals with extensive experience in developing innovative digital solutions.


Empowering your Lab
Ambidata Team Ambidata Team


Measuring, Dosing and Monitoring Solutions

Resolving a range of problems such as insufficient chlorine in the water or in supply reserves, water shortages due to air entering the tubes and the resulting problems, etc.

Telemanagement Solutions

For each point where telemanagement is used, there is an automatic system for the acquisition and transmission of information, datalogger and communication unit, via Wireless, GPRS or SMS.


LabWay-Aqua - Analysis Monitoring Management Solution for the Water Industry

LabWay-Aqua® is an Analysis Monitoring Management Solution with the fundamental aim of providing Management with the analytic capacity regarding the data results from analysis monitoring carried out on its Supply Systems. Can you Manage, Process and Invoice the Results of Environmental Analyses? ON TIME environmental analyses resuls processing is crucial to the success of water supply industry management. LabWay-Aqua® controls and ...

CitoPro - Pathological Anatomy Laboratory Data Management Solution

CitoPro is a solution specific to Pathological Anatomy Laboratories designed to computerise the entire laboratory process, from the reception of items to be analysed, through macroscopic analysis to the creation of the final report. It is a tool which provides complete integration with any hospital system, such as SONHO, as well as with other systems.


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Consulting firm

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Internationally (various countries)

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