American Remediation is very confident in the performance of its products. We believe that the simplicity, practicality, efficiency, versatility, ease of operation, ease of installation, and low cost of our systems, combined with their effective performance just makes sense. We have proven that ground water remediation systems do not have to be complicated and expensive to work. If you would like to learn more about our technology, are interested in purchasing one of our systems, or are interested in installing your own MAV, E-DOT, or PER-PETUAL Systems contact Russell Schindler at (231) 933-7035.


PER-PETUAL - Patent Pending System

The PER-PETUAL System is a system for the remediation of ground water by enhancing the ground water with hydrogen peroxide and using chemical oxidation the formation of hydroxyl radicals and naturally occurring bacteria (bioremediation) to remove contaminants from the ground water. The system injects a continuous flow of peroxide solution directly into the groundwater.

MAV - Multi Arrayed Vacuum System

The Multi-Arrayed Vacuum (MAV) System is a system for the recovery of free phase product from the ground and ground water. The system is designed to recovery free product quickly and inexpensively. Further, upon the completion of the recovery of the free product, the system is designed to be modified into either one of two ground water remediation systems also designed by American Remediation The patented Enhanced Dissolved Oxygen Technology (E-DOT) ...

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Technology - Manufacturer

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Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation

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Nationally (across the country)


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