Anthracite UK are an industry leading coal production company based in South Wales, producing fine, low bulk density anthracite coal products. EGL Puracite Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of EGL Group Limited. Specialising in the production and marketing of dried carbon and coal products for water treatment and metallurgical applications it compliments the EGL Group’s extensive involvement in the carbon and coal market.

About Us


In recent years Puracite has been used around the World in more than 30 countries and has gained an excellent reputation as a high quality product. The Welsh Puracite production plant, UK has a proven track record for reliable production based on sound engineering and technology and currently exports to various contries.

Our anthracite coal for: Pure Water

anthracite tickLow bulk density means more value for money
anthracite tickProduced to the highest international standards
anthracite tickFull range of particle sizes available
anthracite tickGlobal availability and immediate distribution

Our anthracite coal for: Metallurgical Applications

anthracite tickHigh quality low cost carbon
anthracite tickRe-carburisers for iron and steel production
anthracite tickCharge carbon for electric furnaces


Water Treatment Services

Puracite is a top quality anthracite filter media. A unique natural product comprising of 90% carbon - washed, dried and precisely sized to individual customer specifications.


Aquatech Amsterdam 2013, FILTECH 2013, FILTECH 2015

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

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Globally (various continents)

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