Robinson Group LLC custom designs, installs, fine-tunes and operates biogas-to-energy systems for manufacturers, consultants, municipalities and energy companies. We are recognized as the worldwide leader in conditioning and recouping waste stream biogas – including chilling; compressing; and removal of sulfur, carbon dioxide and siloxane – with the end goal for our customers of clean power generation and a stronger bottom line. We can help you with straightforward solutions to complex problems, whether you have an existing system with gas purification problems or want to realize the financial and power benefits of a complete biogas conditioning system.


AGPack - Fine Particle Removal System

The AGPack gas conditioning system removes moisture as well as macro particles from biogas waste streams. Moisture is removed via compression and drying of the gas by a heat exchanger or chiller.

BioStrip - Sulfur Removal System

BioStrip is a completely biological technology for reducing sulfur. In biogas with concentrations of sulfur below 15,000 ppm, BioStrip provides the lowest operating expenses per pound of sulfur removed of all RG solutions. In addition, the elemental sulfur byproduct can be resold to further reduce expenses.


Media Change Out Service

Media change out services are offered by RG, and completed by RG personnel or RG certified contracted personnel. This service includes the complete removal, replacement, and disposal of spent media according to specific RG media service procedures.

Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

Robinson Group long term service agreements include a combination of gas testing, media, and media change out services, for a duration of one to three years. RG will provide the customer with a gas quality guarantee for the duration of the agreement. Contact an RG representative to inquire about a service agreement for your biogas conditioning system.


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Energy - Bioenergy

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Globally (various continents)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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