AWT is an environmental consulting and project management firm with expertise in air pollution, greenhouse gas issues and compliance, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, stormwater compliance, and landfill projects. Our services include environmental permitting, permit negotiations, and permit monitoring and reporting.

About Us

Since 1982 we have helped manufacturing and industrial clients meet their environmental compliance, monitoring, and pollution control requirements. Our project expertise includes a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications, with permitting, technical project management, and design needs in air, wastewater, and solid & hazardous waste. We also provide Federal, State, and local government agencies with environmental and regulatory project analysis.

Please see the Capabilities Section for more details about our projects and the industrial and manufacturing sectors we serve.


Summary of Services:

  • NPDES Permit Applications & Negotiations
  • Stormwater Permitting and Monitoring
  • Air Permit Applications and Air Inventories
  • Solid Waste and Landfill Permits & Design
  • Environmental Audits and Data QA/QC
  • Wastewater Treatability Studies
  • Chemical Hazard & Chemical Compatibility
  • Emergency Management Response Plans
  • Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Ongoing Record-Keeping & Reporting
  • Wastewater & Pretreatment Discharges
  • Pollution Control Design Services
  • Environmental Compliance for Startups
  • Strategic Planning for New Plants
  • Environmental Gap Analysis
  • Groundwater Monitoring & Contamination
  • Pollution Control Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Management & Oversight
  • Plant Regulatory Analysis & Planning
  • Pollutant Transport & Dispersion Modeling

Industrial Sectors Served:

  • Textile Dyeing and Finishing
  • Aluminum Tubing Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical & Lotions
  • Surface Coating of Metal Parts, Copy Paper, & Aluminum
  • Textile Chemicals Manufacturing & Formulation
  • Paint Manufacturing
  • Electrostatic Painting and Coating of Metals, including Aluminum
  • Aluminum Shot-Blasting
  • Plastic Molding and Forming
  • Medical Services including Hospitals and Incineration
  • Bulk Storage of Petroleum and Chemical Products
  • Animal Breeding Laboratories
  • Aluminum Casting and Foundries
  • Metal Powder Production and Metal Powder Molding
  • Laminated Particle Board Production
  • Metal Finishing and Forming
  • Copper Forming and Finishing (Secondary Smelter)
  • Metal Treatment and Die-Casting
  • Petroleum Transportation
  • Industrial Hose Manufacturing
  • Electric Switches and Controls
  • Pork Processing and Packaging
  • Dimensioned Lumber Products
  • Animal Feed Production
  • Solid Waste Disposal Services
  • Acoustic Panel Manufacturing
  • Gear Manufacturing & Metal Treating
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  • Stone Quarrying
  • Aluminum Can Manufacturing
  • Fabric Dyeing and Finishing
  • Transfer Fabric Printing
  • Ceramic Casting Production
  • Plastic Resin Compounding
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete Production
  • Asphalt Production
  • Metal Finishing & Screen Printing
  • Bleach and Pesticide Production
  • Research & Development Laboratories
  • Microelectronics
  • Cosmetics


Recent Projects:

  • Textile Wastewater Color Removal Study
  • Stormwater Permit Review for Copper Smelter
  • Wastewater Removal Evaluation for Copper Powder Production Facility
  • Evaluation of Textile Color Removal Technologies
  • Vulnerability Analysis for a Regional Water Treatment & Distribution System
  • Water Emergency Management & Response Plan for a Regional Water System
  • Permitting & Design of a Solid Waste Transfer Station
  • Permitting, Design, & Construction Observation of a C&D Landfill Expansion
  • NPDES Permit Renewal Application for a Textile Plant
  • Air Permit Renewals & Inventories for a Textile Mill and Copper Powder Facility
  • Ongoing Stormwater Monitoring and Inspections for Various Clients
  • Contributor to a Brownfields Development Training Manual by KulTech for U.S. EPA Quality Staff

Past Projects:

  • Title V Air Permitting and Dispersion Modeling for a Bulk Chemical Terminal
  • Permitting and Environmental Investigations for a Sub-title D MSW Landfill Site
  • Initial Site Permitting and Design of a C&D Landfill Site
  • Environmental Compliance Review for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Design, Permit, and Construct a 1.5-mile Textile Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall
  • Design and Permitting of Upgrades for various Textile Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Preparation of a CAMA Major Activities Permit for Expansion of a C&D Landfill
  • Preparation of a Toxic Release and Emergency Response Plan for an Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturing Plant
  • Evaluation of Environmental and Groundwater Monitoring Data from a C&D Landfill Site
  • Toxic Release Inventories
  • Hazard Communication Programs


Company details

Business Type:
Consulting firm

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Water and Wastewater - Water Consulting and Engineering

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Nationally (across the country)

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less than $1,000,000 US

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