We are a global leader in technologies, manufacturing solutions, components and services in the field of pure and ultrapure water production, drinking water production and the treatment of wastewater and sewage. We continuously strive to offer the highest quality of our people, products and services at prices commensurate with value, and to meet the needs of our customers in a highly responsive manner.



Electrodeionisation (EDI) and electrolytic ozone generation are now widely used for water treatment since they require no chemicals. However, both of these processes generate hydrogen and, since mixtures of air and hydrogen with a wide range of relative concentrations are explosive, the exhaust gas must either be diluted sufficiently by means of efficient ventilation or must be vented into the open air via an explosion-proof exhaust-gas duct. With the ...

Autostil / Maxistil

Ion exchange is a process where the ions (cations/anions) in solution are exchanged with others by contact with a solid ion exchange material. Normally, spherical ion exchange resins are used, which are packed into a column to build a solid bed. The solution to be treated flows through the resin bed where the ion exchange process takes place sorbent. Christ offers AUTOSTIL twin bed units and MAXISTIL mixed-bed units - both state-of-the-art solutions for ...

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