Aqua Technique has extensive experience in engineering aeration systems to combat the effects of eutrophication. Aqua Technique’s LIMNO® and DAD systems operate by maintaining a minimum level of dissolved oxygen in the water body. This breaks the vicious circle of eutrophication, since restoring oxidising conditions in the sediments helps to curb the release of nuisance compounds. Two methods are used: destratification and aeration of the hypolimnion. AQUA TECHNIQUE WORLDWIDE REPRESENTATIVES


Hypolimnetic Aeration

The LIMNO®aerates the deep, cold, oxygen-poor layers of the water body. It does not upset its thermal stability and thus avoids the mixing of the deeper layers with the warmer surface layers.

Aeration by Destratification

Principles of operation: Compressed air is blown through a system of perforated pipes located at the bottom of the lake. This leads to the formation of a rising plume of air bubbles which entrains the water upwards.   Reoxygenation is achieved, first through direct diffusion from the air bubbles, and then through the eddies at the surface.


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