Aquatech International Corporation is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems and is located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in the USA. With offices across the US, Canada, India, the Middle East and China and with installations in over 60 countries worldwide, Aquatech is poised to be your preferred water and wastewater treatment solution provider. Aquatech offers full scope solutions in design& engineering, project management, manufacturing, turnkey installation and commissioning / field troubleshooting for the following product categories: Pretreatment, Ion Exchange, Membrane Processes, Wastewater Recycle/Reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge, Industrial Concentration and Desalination. With their broad range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge, Aquatech has been serving a wide variety of global companies in various markets in meeting their water treatment and wastewater needs.

About Us

Established in 1981, Aquatech is a global leader in water purification technology for the world’s industrial and infrastructure markets, with a focus on desalination, water reuse and zero liquid discharge.

We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients complete integrated solutions through our vast depth and breadth of technologies. Through our thermal engineering division, AquaChem ICD, we are one of few companies in the world with both thermal and membrane desalination capabilities. We also have the ability to offer both thermal and membrane processes for water reuse. We have done extensive work in the power, oil and gas, and infrastructure markets.

Headquartered in the United States, Aquatech has offices throughout North America. We also maintain a significant presence worldwide through subsidiaries in the Middle East, Europe, India and China.

Aquatech’s product groups include:

  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Ion Exchange
  • Membrane Processes (UF/RO/MBR)
  • Thermal Desalination (MED/MVC/MSF)
  • Wastewater/Effluent Treatment
  • Zero Liquid Discharge

With our worldwide presence, we are able to offer the advantages of global sourcing, EPC, O&M, and other onsite services suited to the logistical needs of project sites located throughout the world. We are also able to deliver projects on a BOOT basis.




The power industry is one of the greatest consumers of water worldwide. Key issues in facing the power industry include:

  • Complying with increasingly stringent pollution guidelines by supplying Zero Liquid Discharge systems or other more traditional methods
  • Recycle reuse within the plant by implementing various technologies to economically address water scarcity and permitting issues
  • Providing plant operational services to address the growing concern of operational and labor risks

From oil fired to nuclear, boiler feed water to Zero Liquid discharge, Aquatech has the track record and experience to offer its client complete solutions and help them address the industry’s key water issues.

Oil & Gas

In recent decades, the Oil and Gas industry has undergone significant changes. Whether in the upstream or downstream sectors, water and water treatment has remained a key factor for successful operations.

For over 30 years, Aquatech has been providing integrated solutions to the Oil and Gas industry to ensure our customers’ production and refining processes operate in an efficient and safe manner. Through our wide range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge, Aquatech has been serving some of the largest global Oil and Gas companies in meeting their water and wastewater needs.

Water Management Solutions for Unconventional Gas

Good for the Industry & Good for the Environment

Global Commitment to the Energy Industry.

30 Years And Counting

Based in Pennsylvania, we are strategically located within the Marcellus Shale region. This enables us to leverage local and immediate knowledge of shale gas applications as it pertains to water, that gas companies can benefit from. With our broad portfolio of technologies and extensive experience, we can ensure the effective treatment of flowback and produced water.


In micro-electronics industry ultra-pure water (UPW) is integral to the various manufacturing processes. UPW is essential to properly fabricate today’s integrated circuits, and is the primary solvent used to remove contaminants that decrease the yield of usable circuits. Aquatech’s integrated systems & solutions has played a critical role in providing UPW that meets the specific demand at the same time reducing wastewater produced & energy required to drive various unit operations.

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Product and Process waters require treatment of even the best water supply to guarantee the quality and purity of the final product … and with the added task of assuring a long shelf life.

Plant wastewaters must consistently meet all regulatory requirements even when faced with highly variable loadings and flows.


50 years of Technology Leadership

Today more than ever, sea water is becoming a viable source of water supply around the world. Aquatech is ideally positioned to answer this demand.

Our history in desalination is almost as impressive as our technical capabilities. In the late 1950's we developed and patented Multistage Flash (MSF) technology, installing the first large MSF plants in the middle East in the early 1960's. We patented the Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) process and built plants in the Middle and Far East in the 1970's. Membrane technology development followed in the 1980's. All of this history has made us a company with first class references in MSF, MED, and SWRO on virtually every continent.

Wastewater Reuse

Aquatech is actively engaged in wastewater treatment, recycle & reuse of Industrial as well as Municipal waste water. We are progressively making steps for completely integrated Waste water treatment and recycle / reuse systems under one umbrella. Systems consists of primary treatment for raw waste water, secondary treatment using aerobic and anaerobic processes having advanced technologies followed by Tertiary treatment consisting of Media filtration, Ion exchange & HEROTM processes.

Aquatech: 2014 Tradeshows

The Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop June 3-5 2014 Champaign, IL

Global Petroleum Show; June 10-12 2014; Calgary Canada

Southwest Chemistry Workshop August 5-7 San Diego, CA

PowerGen International December 9-11 2014 Orlando, FL

Mission, Vission and Quality

Aquatech is dedicated to bringing the most valuable solutions and providing the best customer experience in meeting water and environmental needs through our innovative technology solutions, products and services. We will make deep positive contributions to industry, society and the environment.

Aquatech will be the most respected and valued company in the global water industry in the eyes of its customer, employees, stakeholders and the communities in which we work.

We are committed to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by:

  • Continuous improvement with a focus on processes such as...
  • Superior product quality
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Flawless execution and start-up


Aquatech WATERTRAK - Water Treatment Clarifier

Standard Featuresof Our Water Treatment Clarifier; Hydraulic Driven Rake Drive, No Chains or Belts to Break. Radial Launder Ensures Uniform Collection. Coated mechanism. Hydraulic Pressure Switch Cutoff Increases Reliability. Rolled Shell Plate and Anchor Channel. Rake and Turbine Flanges Machined after Welding for Ease Assembly. Ladder with safety cage access. Chemical Dosing Piping for Coagulant and Polymer to Bridge. Sample Sink to Sample Various ...

Aquatech WATERTRAK - Water Softeners for Water Iron Removal and Other Applications

WATERTRAK Water Softeners are available in a wide range of sizes, materials of construction and configurations to meet all of your Water softening needs, including water iron removal.. They can be ordered either as a stand-alone unit or integrated into the most complex of control systems. Base water softener units include a brine Ejector System for regeneration. Optional Brine Maker and Common Regen System can be offered for multiple or large size ...


Water management solutions for unconventional gas - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Gas

About: Global Commitment to the Energy Industry for More Than 30 Years. Based in Pennsylvania, Aquatech is strategically located within the Marcellus Shale region. This enables us to leverage local and immediate knowledge of shale gas applications as it pertains to water,thus benefiting gas companies.With our broad portfolio of water treatment technologies and extensive experience, we can ensure the effective treatment of frac water flowback and produced water.

Effluent wastewater treatment for refineries - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Refineries

Petroleum wastewater from refineries contains high levels of pollutants and is characterized by the presence of large quantities of refinery effluent such as oil products and chemicals that are hard to degrade. Regulatory authorities deny permits to discharge this petroleum wastewater to maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the fresh water resources. Petroleum wastewater from refineries contains high levels of pollutants and is characterized by the presence...


Aquatech - Water Recycle and Reuse Services

Fresh water is a scarce commodity; People at all levels from general public to, governmental bodies, and industry understand the implications of good quality water availability in terms of quantity, cost and wastage. As a consequence, there is an emerging consensus on wastewater recycle/reuse. Municipal wastewater is an obvious choice to treat and recycle due to its availability. Developed countries already have publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) ...

Aquatech - Performance Chemicals Services

Aquatech brings to the industry the latest technologically advanced products, solutions and chemistry to ensure trouble free and smooth operation of the client’s plant and equipment.The right application and proactive service at the site is critical to the success of any treatment program; even the best of chemicals fail if not used and applied in the right manner. Aquatech and WEX realize this, and provide committed back up and support, Our ...


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