As the innovator in ultraviolet water treatment and disinfection, Aquionics and the Halma Group divisions have been providing the preeminent UV technologies since 1924. Along with our divisions in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, we share a world of experience, service, and technical understanding unsurpassed in delivering the best solutions to our customers.Advanced Wastewater Treatment Processes, Groundwater Treatment Equipment, Stormwater Treatment, Stormwater/CSO Control Systems, Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment, Water Recycling/Reuse

About Aquionics

Aquionics has been successfully selling and servicing ultraviolet disinfection equipment within North America in both the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets for over 25 years. Aquionics boasts over 60 years of combined UV experience in their sales department and has hundreds of municipal installations within North America including several that continue to operate after two decades of service.

HALMA, the parent company of Aquionics originated in 1894 as The Nahalma Tea Estate Company Limited. In 1984 HALMA registered as a public limited company and thus became HALMA p.l.c.

HALMA has grown to be an established FTSE 250 business and currently comprises just over 40 subsidiary companies operating worldwide. Today, HALMA technology centers on sensors, its markets are primarily the protection of human and capital assets.

Aquionics, part of the HALMA Fluid Technology Group is a key marketing, engineering and manufacturing company providing access to the North American market. Aquionics is part of a three company group that focuses on ultraviolet disinfection in the Halma stable-

  • Hanovia – Europe & Asia supplier of industrial UV disinfection equipment.
  • Berson – Europe & Asia supplier of municipal UV equipment.
  • Aquionics – North American supplier of municipal and industrial UV disinfection equipment.

The three organizations have over 20,000 UV installations worldwide and have been in the UV business for over eighty years making the organization one of the premier UV equipment suppliers in the world.

Company Profile

Located in Erlanger, KY, Aquionics began operation in 1984 as the North American sales, marketing and service arm of Slough UK based Hanovia Inc, a division of Halma plc. Shortly there after, Aquionics incorporated the UV products from Berson – Neunen Holland, also a Halma plc division. Together Aquionics and our sister UV companies in the Halma group have been leaders in the UV world since 1924.


From the beginning our charter was to provide reliable, effective, science based UV systems for our customers in the Municipal, Industrial and Aquatics markets. Over the years we have we have refined and expanded our product offering to address our customers needs. The main driver behind our actions was a science based approach using state of the art CFD modeling coupled with Collimated Beam and Bioassay testing to ensure the efficacy of our UV systems. We have invested substantial time and money on 3rd party validations and industry specific applications so that our customers can sleep well at night knowing their UV system will work the first time and every time.

We have dedicated sales and application teams to handle our Industrial, Municipal and Aquatics segments along with our Field Engineering, Project Management and Aftermarket Sales organization to ensure your process continues to be safe and reliable.

Lamp Manufacture

Hanovia, Aquionics sister company, has been manufacturing UV lamps since 1924 and today is widely recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of UV lamps for germicidal and photolysis applications. Together Aquionics and Hanovia offer a depth of knowledge in lamp manufacture thanks to our history and the continual search for improvements in lamp technology and manufacturing processes.

Our policy is one of continuous improvement, with an ongoing capital investment program ensuring we continue to employ best practices in the manufacture of UV sources.

Our ATMU (Arc Tube Manufacturing Unit) facilities include specialized rare gas supply and sophisticated analysis systems, reinforcing our ability to maintain the high levels of purity for our lamp filling gas. Our skilled lamp manufacturing staff ensure the highest quality of production, and our flexible production system ensure that we are always able to offer a very short lead time for spare lamp delivery.

Our lamp development is assisted by our dedicated laboratory with a spectroradiometer measurement facility fully traceable to international UV measurement standards. Continuous lamp testing programs ensure further improvements to lamp performance and life on specific application.


Jaz - Quartz Sleeve Output Verification Device

The new Jaz clamp spectrometer from Aquionics enables customers to conduct on-location testing of their UV disinfection systems quartz sleeves. The Jaz accurately validates the type of quartz sleeve along with the life of quartz sleeves; potentially extending their usable life and ensuring UV disinfection systems are operating effectively.

PharmaLine - DT - Total Organic Carbons (TOC) Reduction system

Total Organic Carbons (TOC) Reduction system: UV systems for TOC reduction in Pharmaceutical process water Ultrapure waters required for use in pharmaceutical and health care markets require very low levels of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), which can have a damaging effect in the end products.

Company details

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)


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