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AREVA NC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the AREVA group, is an industrial group active in the energy sector offering electric utilities all over the world a full range of products and services for nuclear power generation. From uranium mining, conversion and enrichment through spent fuel reprocessing and recycling, AREVA NC`s operations are integral to sustainable development.


Reactors and Services

The Reactors & Services Business Group brings together the design and construction of the two main nuclear reactor systems in use worldwide – the pressurized water reactor and the boiling water reactor. It also manufactures naval propulsion reactors and research reactors. The Reactors & Services business also offers the products and services needed for the maintenance, modernization and control of all types of nuclear reactors.

Front End

The AREVA Front End business group combines activities associated with the conversion and enrichment of uranium and with the design and fuel production for nuclear reactors. The production capacities of the group, one of the world's leaders in the sector, are undergoing modernization.

Company details

Business Type:

Industry Type:
Energy - Nuclear Power

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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