ARG Translations is a translation agency based in Argentina. Our database is composed of carefully selected, certified translators, natives in the target language, with proven experience in several fields of expertise.Besides translations, there are other services within our professional capabilities, such as proofreading, localization and desktop publishing. We are constantly seeking to improve and expand our work, by adding further assistance and resources. We have cultivated a reputation for hard work, transparency and a value-added benefit for our customers, which is reflected in our curricular and professional achievements.


Desktop Publishing

Desk Top Publishing (DTP) tends to legitimately represent a highly graphical way of producing documents that are image-oriented as opposed to being text-oriented. DTP is the translation of any material involving the use of design tools. If your needs include graphic design, we can provide management for any type of published piece, including brochures, annual reports, print ads, and manuals. We edit page layouts with text, graphics, photos and other ...


Translation is the conversion of written text from one language (the 'foreign' or 'source' language) to written text in another (the 'target' language or language of the reader). Translations are rendered by professional, competent providers, who combine experience, quality and high professional standards. They are not only linguistic experts; they are experts in your business. Quality is enhanced by the use of Computer Aided Translation tools, such ...


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