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Special Equipment & Vessels - Tanks

ASTIM - Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are closed containers designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure. ASTİM can manufacture pressure vessels regarding to AD 2000 -Merkblatt code and also with any code customer requested and with third party control if necessary. Vessels can be manufactured as stainless or carbon steel with necessary surface protection.

ASTIM - Field Tanks

With over 6.000 square meter of fabrication space, ASTİM can handle projects of any size. In the shop, we utilize the latest fabrication equipment for pre-manufacturing. With highly skilled field assembly team, projects are finished with full satisfaction of our customers.

ASTIM - Reactor Vessel

Reactor vessel is a broad based statement that can be very interpretive. The typically accepted reactor will contain some type of material that will undergo a chemical controlled chemical/physical change while contained within the vessel. These changes can be for products that are intermediates or they can be for final consumer use. The external and internal finish of the reactor vessel is also selected based on the vessels end use.

ASTIM - Biogas Holder Tank

A biogas holder is generally a floating cover with an extended rim that is submerged into the water level adequately so as to ensure that in the maximum lift position of the floating cover the rim still remains below the top water level. The covers for gas holders are designed with a vertical guided system. The rollers are attached with the cover of gas holder around its peripheral. This ensures that the cover of gas holder covers around its...

4 Products found
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