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Screenings Technology - Channel Screens

ASTIM - Model FRS - Front Raked Bar Screen

Front Raked Bar Screens (FRS) are multi-raked chain operated screens which are generally used as coarse and fine screens for medium and large sized water and wastewater treatment plants. Front Raked Bar Screen “FRS” is mainly consisting of bar screens, frame, dead plate and discharge chute which is equipped with multi-rakes and a counter wiper. By the help of multi-rakes very high screenings discharge capacity and low head loss is...

ASTIM - Basket Screen

Basket Screens are mainly used in deep inlet structures and pumping stations of low capacity waste water treatment plants. Due to its easy function, easy-to-understand operation method, the simple cleaning and easy servicing, Basket Screens are widely used.

ASTIM - Pin-Rack Screens (PRS)

Pin-Rack Screens (PRS) are screening equipment specially designed for installation for medium sized water and wastewater treatment plants. Suitable for both coarse and fine screening, as either a front or back raked screen, the Pin-Rack Screen ensures an efficient and reliable cleaning of the bar screen. The maintenance-free pin rack drive guarantees absolute synchronism and quiet running of the rake. The advantages of the Pin-Rack Screen are robustness...

ASTIM - Rota-Lift Screen

The Rota-Lift Screen is a fine screen designed to remove solids from liquids in waste water treatment plants and process plants. It has a very low head loss which makes it ideal for open channel installations. With its distortion free reliable construction, high separation efficiency and low head loss Rota-Lift Screen is the most preferable fine screen for small, medium and large sized water and wastewater treatment plants.

ASTIM - Cable Operatated Bar Screen

Cable Operated Bar Screens HKI and TGS are robust equipment designed for heavy duty applications. They are specially designed for deep and wide channels for installation in pumping stations or inlet structures of high capacity water and wastewater treatment plants. With vertical installation possibility they require less space for screening. Cable Operated Bar Screens consist of a two main part: Parts in the channel; which are bar screen, guide...

Screenings Technology - Belt Screens

ASTIM - Continuous Belt Screen for General Purpose Self Cleaning Fine Screening Equipment

Continuous Belt Screens are general purpose self cleaning fine screening equipment which are suitable for both municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants as well as the applications for collection of recyclable materials. Continuous Belt Screen “CBS” is a self cleaning screen designed to remove solids from liquids. It is consisting of a self standing folded sheet frame and a rotating endless sieve belt which is formed of...

ASTIM - Mesh Belt Screen

Mesh Belt Screens are mainly used as fine screening equipment for high capacity water intakes of power plants. There are mainly three types of installation for these equipment. Through Flow Installation: Equipment is installed perpendicular to water flow so that water passes through the mesh filter elements.

ASTIM - Perforated Belt Screen

Perforated Belt Screens are mainly used as fine screening equipment for high and medium sized municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants. Especially for fine screening the perforated screening elements provide superior separation efficiency in comparison with bar screening elements. The perforated Belt screen is able to cope with even high amounts of gravel and grit. Also the screening elements prevent especially long fibers from...

Screenings Technology - Conveyor Screens

ASTIM - Strain Screen for Cleaning Screw Conveyor

Strain Screen can be installed directly in a channel or into a separate tank. It is consisting of a screen basket and a cleaning screw conveyor. As the water flows in through the open front end of the screen basket solids are retained on the basket. Strain Screen operation is based upon a compact system that allows the combination of screening, washing, transport, compaction and dewatering in a single unit.

ASTIM - Rotary Screen Basket and Screw Conveyor

Rotary Screen can be installed directly in a channel or into a separate tank. It is consisting of a rotating screen basket and a screw conveyor. As the water flows in through the open front end of the rotating screen basket solids are retained on the basket and fell down in the conveyor trough. Rotary Screen operation is based upon a compact system that allows the combination of screening, washing, transport, compaction and dewatering in a single...

Screenings Technology - Inline Screening Systems

ASTIM - Model DTI - Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens

Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens “DTI” are continuously operating screening system with automatic cleaning device. DTI is general purpose self cleaning micro screening equipment which is suitable for both municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants as well as the applications for collection of recyclable materials. But it is especially suitable for separation of floating, greasy and adhesive solids. The screen is formed by a...

ASTIM - Model ITI - Inner Fed Rotating Drum Screens

Inner Fed Rotating Drum Screens “ITI” are originally, developed for the paper industry. But the system has been used for clarification plants and in many branches of industry for wastewater treatment. So “ITI” has become a general purpose self cleaning micro screening equipment which is suitable for both municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants.

ASTIM - Model SAP - Sewage Acceptance Plant

Septic sludge is delivered to treatment plants by sewage trucks. Solid content must be separated from the septic sludge before it is discharged into the treatment plant. It is necessary to clean the sludge in order to keep the load for the treatment plant as low as possible during discharge of the septic sludge. Sewage Acceptance Plant “SAP” is used for mechanical treatment of septic sludge received from sewage trucks. After...

Screenings Technology - Screenings Treatment Systems

ASTIM - Shaftless Conveyor Compactor

The screenings to be treated can be directly discharged from a screen into the feed trough of the Shaftless Conveyor Compactor “ SCC”. A conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the washing and compacting zone where they are exposed to powerful introduction of wash water. The washing achieves perfect separation of organic particles and thus effective screenings washing. The wash water from screenings compaction which...

ASTIM - Screenings Press

The screenings to be treated are discharged directly from a screen or conveyor into the feed trough of the Screenings Press “ASP”. A robust conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the wash zone where they are exposed to powerful wash water. The washing achieves perfect separation of organic particles and thus effective screenings washing. The washing intensity and cycles further conveyed in the rising pipe to the...

Grit Traps

ASTIM - Travelling Scraper KUM for Single

Traveling scrapers “KUM” for single, twin or triple type basins manufactured as full wall, half wall, steel profile or truss beam according to static calculations and requirements. The system consists of a traveling gantry over the channel which carries the grit and grease removal systems. Bridge is mounted on end carriages at both sides which have two polyurethane tired wheels with two guiding wheels or steel wheels driven on rails. Speed...

ASTIM - Central Driven Scraper

Central Driven Scraper “CRS” with two, three or four scraper arms are manufactured for installation at pier supported or peripheral carried concrete or steel structure bridges. The scraper blades are mounted on arms which are connected to a rotating shaft. Central driven type scrapers are generally used in cross flow square concrete tanks which has flat or inclined bottom structure. The water is generally fed from one edge of the tank. As...

ASTIM - Model PST - Central Driven Stirer

Central Driven Stirrer “PST” is designed to be used for Circular Vortex Grit Chambers. The Vortex Grit Chamber’s guided flow pattern represents another breakthrough in grit removal technology. The inlet and outlet channels are designed in such a manner to guide the flow to obtain vortex. The Central Driven Stirrer repeatedly guides the flow and leads grit towards tank’s side walls and to bottom. The rotating axial flow...

Grease Removal Systems

ASTIM - Chain Driven Scraper

Chain Driven Scraper provides an effective and economical skimming of oils from wastewater in scale pits, oily waste sumps of refineries, petrochemical plants and metal working units. It is mainly consisting of repeatedly skimming multi-scrapers in straight form driven by endless chains at both ends of the scrapers working between drive and idler sprockets. ASTiM Chain Driven Scrapers “ZNC” are also used for API separators.

ASTIM - Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Unit

Where water is re-circulated for economical and environmental reasons, grease, oil, fat, floating and suspended solids, settling material, and dissolved components need to be separated to provide good and uniform water quality. Also recovery of valuable product from the water may be another additional objective. In addition, clogging and excessive wear of pipelines and other associated equipment is prevented, which increases the operating reliability...

Grit Treatment Systems

ASTIM - Degritors Used After Central Driven Grit Removal Systems

Degritor is mostly used after central driven grit removal systems. It is consisting of a reciprocating multi-rake mechanism which is working in an inclined narrow channel. Here reciprocating rakes move the grit up the tank incline with a rolling action that releases entrained organics. The organics are kept suspended and returned to grit chamber by an organics return pump. The inclined channel in which the degritor is installed, generally fed by means...

ASTIM - Grit Cyclones Used for Washing Out the Organic Matter

Grit cyclones are used for washing out the organic matter. As the grit water mixture enters the tank tangentially circulatory flow is obtained and the grit content therein is separated and settled at the bottom of the tank. The settled grit is transferred into a container or lorry. Grit cyclone can be either mounted on the traveling bridge or near the concrete tank.

ASTIM - Model IPT - Integrated Pre-Treatment System

Integrated Pre-Treatment System “IPT” is compact equipment which combines all mechanical treatment process stages in One Stainless Steel Tank. While the screening and screenings treatment is done is a conveyor type screen. The grit is also settled in either non-aerated or aerated chamber which can be equipped with a grease removal chamber.

ASTIM - Grit Separator

Grit Separators remove precipitates and heavy matter in municipal and industrial clarification plants by an inclined rotating shaft-less spiral. Turbulence is avoided by special construction of the hopper. ASTiM Grit Separator “AGS” which does not have any under water bearing reduces maintenance while offering increased grit removal and dryer grit. It has a very small profile for easier layout. ASTiM offers five different standard sizes...

Sedimentation Technology - Clarifiers

ASTIM - Peripheral Driven Scraper

In circular tanks; the flow pattern is radial. To supply a radial flow; the wastewater can be entered to the tank from the center or around the periphery of the tank. Peripheral driven rotating scrapers removes the settled sludge by echelon or logarithmic spiral shaped scraper blades in the central located sludge collection pit.

ASTIM - Travelling Scraper

Travelling bridge is designed according to span as Full Wall, Half Wall, Steel Profile or to avoid high wind loads as Truss Beam. Carriages, which are located at both ends of the bridge, can travel on rails with or without pinion rock or on poylurethane tyred wheels with guide wheels. The drive unit can be mounted either at the end carriages or at the middle of the bridge. Bridge movement controlled by limit switches.

ASTIM - Central Driven Scraper

Circular clarifiers equipped with Central Driven Scrapers are manufactured for installation at pier supported or peripheral carried fixed bridges. Generally, fixed bridges are offered for using in small medium sized tanks, in which the sludge has high concentration of solids. Also pier supported bridges with centre drive cage can be used for mining or heavy loaded primary applications.

Aeration Technology - Surface Aerators

ASTIM - Vertical Shaft Turbine Aerators

Astim surface turbine aerator is one of the most efficient mechanical surface aerators. As the aerator rotates, the air is drawn into the liquid behind the blades and mixes with the wastewater in the region of the greatest turbulence. This kind of aerator consists of electrical motor, gear reducer, rigid copling, impeller shaft and turbine type impeller. The impeller is designed considering the power, speed, diameter and shearing forces, which will...

ASTIM - Horizontal Brush Aerators

Brush aerators are cost effective solutions for the oxidation ditches and carrousel systems, for which nitrification and denitrification is carried out in the same tank volume without any additional tank and pumping. They can also be used in compact plants in annular aeration tanks, surrounding the circular clarifiers.

Aeration Technology - Aeration Systems

ASTIM - Jet Nozzle Aeration

The technology of jet aeration and jet mixing involves combining two fluids streams in a common mixing chamber. Astim jet nozzle aerator is designed to mix the water and the pressurized air. The efficient mixture is obtained while flowing through the special designed outlet nozzles.

ASTIM - Diffused Aeration Systems

Astim also manufactures necessary pipe lines for fine bubble aeration systems with diffusers. With diffused aeration, compressed air is released through the holes in brances. The rising bubbles from the diffusers transfer the oxygen to the water and by means of this bottom water has been carried to the surface. The submerged brances can be manufactured as fixed type or with lifting system for easy maintenance.

Sludge Treatment Technology - Sludge Thickeners

ASTIM - Picked Fence Scraper

Circular Sludge Thickeners are designed and manufactured for consolidating and thickening of sludge from primary, secondary and chemical treatment units. Circular Sludge Thickeners are manufactured to be installed at pier supported or peripheral carried fixed bridges. Generally fixed bridges are offered for using in small to medium sized tanks, in which the sludge has high concentration of solids. Also prier supported bridges with centre drive cage...

ASTIM - Gravity Belt Filter Thickener

Belt filter thickener can be used instead of conventional gravity thickening tanks to increase the dry solids content of the slurries. ASTiM belt filter thickener works as a heavy-duty thickener, with high belt speeds and thin sludge layers. They can easily be combined with ASTiM series belt presses by mounting on top of belt press. Optionally; a variable speed mixer ensuring the sludge flocculation with low flocculants consumption can be added to the...

Sludge Treatment Technology - Sludge Dewatering

ASTIM - Belt Filter Press

ASTiM belt filter presses provide the premium process for continuously converting slurry (sludge) into a moist cake. The sludge is processed in three distinct stages: Flocculation, Gravity drainage, Compression and shear.

ASTIM - Chamber Filter Press

Pressure filtration is a very cost effective way of producing sludge cakes with high DS concentrations, along with an extremely high degree of clarity in the filtrate. Because of the simplicity and flexibility, the chamber filter press is the most used and reliable machine for solid / liquid separation and sludge dewatering plants. ASTiM chamber filter presses accomplish three goals in their applications: Low cost disposal in the case of wastewater...

ASTIM - Automatic Polymer Preperation Plant

Flocculation is a vital stage in the water treatment, drinking water and wastewater plants. In these processes, polymeric flocculating agents are used to reduce operation costs in coagulation and flocculation systems. Polymer agents, which are long-chain organic molecules, mixed with water are acting like attrahends and produce attraction forces on the suspended solids or sludge particles. These conglomerated flocks ease settling, dewatering or...

Water Flow Control Equipment

ASTIM - Penstocks Flow Control and Isolation of Fluids

The primary application of penstocks is the flow control and isolation of fluids associated with water, waste water, sewage treatment plant, power generation, irrigation schemes and process plant. Section of the correct penstock to suit the duty is important to satisfy the design criteria and provide the most cost effective solution. Operation of the penstock is governed generally by factors outside the control of the penstock manufacturer.

ASTIM - Stoplogs Used in Flow Control and Isolation of Fluids Associated With Water

Stoplogs are generally used equipments for flow control and isolation of fluids associated with water, waste water, sewage treatment plant, power generation, irrigation schemes and process plant. Stoplogs are not only used for closing the water channel but also can be used for water level adjustment by adding or removing obturators inside the frame. 3 sided seal, for open channels, for on-seating or off-seating pressure, for grouting into channel...

ASTIM - Adjustable Over Flow Weirs

Adjustable over flow weirs are used for wide openings where the vertical travel required is not more than about 500 mm. The gate is hinged at the bottom, and is raised and lowered by means of a centrally mounted spindle which can be operated either manually, or by an actuator. As friction is very low, operating effort for tilting weirs is minimal.

ASTIM - Telescopic Valves for Flushing of Superficial Liquids

Telescopic valves are suitable for the flushing of superficial liquids either for regulating or evacuating. Adjustable inlet baffles are generally used to obtain an efficient distribution and high settling efficiency in the cross flow sedimentation or grit removal tanks.


ASTIM - Belt Conveyors

Astim belt conveyors, manufactured according to the requirements of the process can be either in stainless steel or carbon steel with coating. Different sizes and inclinations are applicable. Screw conveyor is one of the simplest and oldest handling equipment for bulk materials. It can be also used to control the flow of bulk materials in many chemical processing and storage operations.

ASTIM - Screw Conveyors Used for Dust and Odor Control

Screw conveyors are easily adapted to congested locations, due to their compact and flexible design; enabling horizontal, inclined and vertical installations. Screw conveyors are used for dust and odor free transport of numerous materials such as dewatered sludge, pulp, wood chips, sawdust, chemicals, slaughter-house refuse, garbage, scrap metal, pellet fuel etc. The conveyors are particularly suited for transporting materials which tend to jam,...

ASTIM - Shaftless Spiral Conveyors

Shaftless Screw or Spiral Conveyor is an alternative concept to the traditional shafted screw conveyor. Material is conveyed by an extra-heavy-duty shaftless screw that slides on a low-friction, wear-resistant liner inside the conveyor trough housing. Shaftless spiral conveyors are successfully used to transport jamming, bridge forming and sticky materials. Astim shaftless screw conveyors can be furnished in a wide variety of materials to resist...

Special Material Handling Equipments

ASTIM - Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers

Astim A.Ş. manufactures tailor-made paddle mixers. Helicoidally or sectional flight screws are available for light or medium weight fine, granular or flaky material handling. To provide mixing or stirring of materials being conveyed, double shaft paddle mixers can be used. All parts are manufactured in epoxy coated or hot dip galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel according to requirements or process conditions. The degree of mixing and the...

Package Type Treatment Systems

Package type Treatment Systems are the systems enable during installations and commisioning. Since package units are manufactured as fabrication, they are very economic and compact units. They have been standardized for different appropriate capacities. Package units can be shaped according to your needs. Because of that reason they have ergonomical design.

ASTIM - Sewage Treatment Plants

Astim package unit plants with full aerobic activated sludge processes eliminate the odor nuisance and other disturbing problems of sewage.There are two kinds of package system. One of them is Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), the other one is Continuous System (CSR).

ASTIM - Potable Water Treatment Plants

Modular design, low power consumption, plug & operate installation and easy operation makes CPWTP a compact and well accepted choice for water treatment applications. CPWTP unit uses the fundamental water treatment processes; such as coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration. This enables simple and most economical procedures for operation and maintenance.

Special Equipment & Vessels - Heat Exchangers

ASTIM - Pipe in Pipe Type - Tube Heat Exchanger (TTHE)

Tube–tube heat exchanger (TTHE) is a low cost, vented double wall heat exchanger which increases reliability by avoiding mixing of fluids exchanging heat. They are manufactured as a fully-welded design, with removable end caps and insulated if requested.

ASTIM - Shell and Tube Type of Heat Exchanger

A shell and tube type of heat exchanger consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two fluids.

Special Equipment & Vessels - Tanks

ASTIM - Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are closed containers designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure. ASTİM can manufacture pressure vessels regarding to AD 2000 -Merkblatt code and also with any code customer requested and with third party control if necessary. Vessels can be manufactured as stainless or carbon steel with necessary surface protection.

ASTIM - Field Tanks

With over 6.000 square meter of fabrication space, ASTİM can handle projects of any size. In the shop, we utilize the latest fabrication equipment for pre-manufacturing. With highly skilled field assembly team, projects are finished with full satisfaction of our customers.

ASTIM - Reactor Vessel

Reactor vessel is a broad based statement that can be very interpretive. The typically accepted reactor will contain some type of material that will undergo a chemical controlled chemical/physical change while contained within the vessel. These changes can be for products that are intermediates or they can be for final consumer use. The external and internal finish of the reactor vessel is also selected based on the vessels end use.

ASTIM - Biogas Holder Tank

A biogas holder is generally a floating cover with an extended rim that is submerged into the water level adequately so as to ensure that in the maximum lift position of the floating cover the rim still remains below the top water level. The covers for gas holders are designed with a vertical guided system. The rollers are attached with the cover of gas holder around its peripheral. This ensures that the cover of gas holder covers around its...

Special Equipment & Vessels - Sand Filters

ASTIM - Conventional Pressure Sand Filters

Pressure Sand Filtration is the most common and most effective method to remove turbidity and suspended solids from water. Pressure sand filter has varied application in the process industries and chemical industries for further chemical treatment of water, drinking water treatment, public health systems and swimming pool water filtration. Material: Carbon steel with surface protection or Stainless Steel.

Special Equipment & Vessels - Agitators

ASTIM - Turbine Type Mixers

We are engaged in engineering and fabricating Turbine Agitator, which is highly efficient and durable. The use of quality tested raw material such as SS 304, SS 316, coated carbon steel and latest machines in manufacturing these Agitators ensures that the end product conforms to set industry norms. These Agitators are available in various technical specifications that is widely used in waste water plants and also in other industries.

ASTIM - Paddle Type Flocculators

We offer Paddle Agitator, which is manufactured under the strict supervision of our team of quality controllers. The Agitators are fabricated with raw materials such as coated carbon steel and stainless steel (304, 316).

Special Equipment & Vessels - Special Containers

ASTIM - Skip Containers

Skips (receptacles specifically designed for use with skip loader vehicles) are used to store, transport and discharge dry waste and exist in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Material: Carbon steel with surface protection or Stainless Steel.

56 Products found
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