ATCO Structures & Logistics provides acoustical buildings, acoustic enclosures, acoustic retrofit of existing facilities, acoustic barriers and acoustical consulting services. The company provides noise control for compressor stations, power plants, recyling facilities, light rail transit, manufacturing plants, gas processing plants and many other noisy industrial facilities. Additional products and services offered include modular buildings and operational support services such as IT, utilities, fire & rescue, pest control, site maintanance, camp services and more.

About ATCO Structures & Logistics


On July 1, 2009, the knowledge and expertise of ATCO Structures, ATCO Noise Management and ATCO Frontec were combined to form ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.

ATCO Structures & Logistics (ATCO) is a Canadian success story. The company began in 1947 in Alberta, Canada when father S.D. and his son R.D. Southern started Alberta Trailer Hire to provide housing accommodations to workers in Canada’s first oil boom.

The parent company, ATCO Group, has evolved over the years to become a multi-national global player in various industries, with the original company going on to become a highly recognizable industry brand and well-respected name.


ATCO Structures & Logistics is part of the ATCO Group of Companies, a $13 billion dollar enterprise with more than 8,800 employees.

ATCO Structures & Logistics has clients in over 100 countries, 45 sales offices around the world, manufacturing facilities on three continents and operations on five. We have the expertise to rapidly deliver turnkey solutions almost anywhere they are needed.

Key Business Segments

Modular Structures

  • Mobile office trailers
  • Workforce housing accommodations
  • Specialty and pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Permanent modular buildings

Lodging Support & Camp Services

  • Accommodation administration
  • Catering & food services
  • Housekeeping & janitorial

Logistics & Facility O&M Services (Site Services)

  • Airfield and airport operations
  • Aircraft Cross Servicing (ACS)
  • Airfield Operating Services (AOS)
  • Combined Air Terminal Operations (CATO)
  • Crash Fire and Rescue Services (CFRS)
  • Communications, IT and radar systems
  • Fuel supply
  • Gravel, roads, grounds maintenance
  • Ground transportation
  • Medical services
  • Security & access control
  • Solid waste & water management

Noise & Emissions Control Services

  • Acoustical consulting services
  • Acoustical buildings & structures
  • Gas turbine silencing systems
  • Gas turbine emissions control systems

Wherever we go, we forge strong relationships with local communities based on trust, respect and mutual understanding of our business purpose.

Aboriginal Relations


Trust. Values. Respect.

Building mutual success with Aboriginal Communities

Since 1981 ATCO has been partnering with Aboriginal communities throughout Canada and Alaska. Based on a foundation of trust, respect and equality, these partnerships have developed profitable businesses and long-term relationships.

In Alberta’s oil sands, we work in a joint-venture partnership with the Fort McKay First Nation. Together, our organizations own and operate Creeburn Lake Lodge and Barge Landing Lodge, open camp accommodations for over 2,500 oil sands workers located north of Fort McMurray.

In the North, we work with the Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation through the Nasittuq joint-venture to operate Canada’s North Warning System. This initiative continues to deliver capacity building and long-term sustainability.

Whether you’re doing business in the Far North or in the heart of the Prairies, you can rely on ATCO’s support, with our range of products and services, in collaboration with our Aboriginal partners. The result? Commitment to growth, new opportunities and mutual success.

Creating opportunities and leaving legacies

Throughout Canada, we have formed partnerships that have started from simple conversations. Before projects are identified or plans are made, our relationships grow from getting to know each other.

In 2008, our joint-venture project with the Fort McKay First Nation, Creeburn Lake Lodge, grossed over $6 million in commercial revenue for local contracting companies.

Recognizing and celebrating talent in the communities we partner with is significant to our success. Supporting community growth through training and education is important to us. We believe this investment leads to growth in a relationship and a prosperous future.

Health, Safety and Environment


Our ultimate goal - an incident-free workplace

ATCO Structures & Logistics (ATCO) has a deeply rooted history of successfully working on industrial construction sites where safety requirements are strict and tolerance is zero. ATCO is committed to safety and we have the ability to meet and exceed the safety expectations of our clients.

Safe & Sound Program

Safe & Sound is a new safety and quality program with a primary goal to protect the health and well being of employees, visitors and contractors at our offices, manufacturing plants and construction work sites.

With a commitment to promoting continuous improvement toward our goal of zero incidents, ATCO is taking further steps to ensure the safety of our employees and clients:

  • Safety training in all areas of our operations and equipping our leaders, staff and contractors with the information and tools
  • Comprehensive HSE Manual including an extensive mandatory contractor management program
  • Commitment to investigating incidents to identify root causes and learning from them

Safety Awards & Achievements

  • Vice President’s Award for Outstanding Contractor Safety, Athabasca Oilsands Project Expansion
  • 2008 Best Safety Performer Award, Government of Alberta and the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Council, for their superior health and safety records
  • 2010 Best Safety Performer Award Memberships
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association with COR designation (Certificate of Recognition)
  • Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association with COR designation
  • WCB Partners in Injury Reduction Program

Quality Policy Statement


ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd. (ATCO) continually strives to achieve excellence in quality. We recognize that true customer satisfaction and corporate success is based on our ability to provide exemplary products and services in a timely manner.


ATCO is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction by providing customers with innovative, cost-effective products and services which fully satisfy their requirements, by meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements, and by establishing and reviewing quality objectives that challenge our employees to excel in all facets of our operations.


We execute our Quality Policy by:

  • Implementing and continually improving an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System;
  • Ensuring customer needs are understood and fulfilled;
  • Acquiring and retaining highly-skilled, innovative and competent people;
  • Assuring detailed and comprehensive monitoring and review of all our products and services; and
  • Providing wide-ranging and efficient customer support, regardless of the mission.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Heart and Mind is our “ethos” – it is the spirit of who and what we are. Excellence is putting into action our Heart and Mind. Our pursuit of excellence governs the way we act and make everyday decisions at all levels, and is shaped by the values outlined below:  

ATCO Core Values:  

  • Safety: We are committed to attaining zero incidents and work to manage business operations for sustainable safety excellence 
  • Integrity: We are honest and ethical, and treat others with fairness, dignity and respect 
  • Caring: we care about our customers, our employees and their families, our communities and the environment 
  • Transparency: We are clear about our intentions and communicate openly 
  • Entrepreneurship: we are creative, innovative and take a measured approach to opportunities, balanced with a long term perspective 
  • Accountability: We make good decisions, take personal ownership of tasks, are responsible for our actions, and deliver on our commitments 
  • Collaboration: we work together, share ideas and recognize the contribution of others 
  • Perseverance: we persevere in the face of adversity with courage, a positive attitude and a fierce determination to succeed

ATCO Structures & Logistics Vision

ATCO Structures & Logistics will be the world’s leading provider of infrastructure solutions by delivering excellence in our projects, products & services - anywhere - for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities where we live and work.


ATCO - Sleeper & Sleeper/Washcars Units

ATCO Sleeper and Sleeper/Washcars are an economical, relocatable solution for industrial workforce housing camps in remote locations, complete with lavatories and showers. These units can be complexed to create dormitories for a larger workforce camp need.

ATCO - Site Office Trailers

ATCO mobile site offices are designed for both performance and mobility. This functional multi-purpose space is ideal for offices, first-aid stations, lunchrooms, or meeting rooms. Multiple office units can be joined together and stacked to create a multi-story complex.


Fire Protection & First Response

ATCO provides fire fighting services required for camp support and site operations. We develop specific Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Response Contingency Plans for each unique project. The primary consideration is to provide a reliable, safe and efficient 24/7-fire service response to all types of fires using effective command and control at the scene. Our goal is to ensure a safe environment, through education and ...

Water & Wastewater Management

ATCO provides complete water and wastewater services, including the maintenance, distribution and storage of potable water, and treatment and hauling of wastewater.

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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Over 1000

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