Aura Sustainability is a leader in providing independent consultancy services to the food and beverage industry and the agricultural supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region. Based in New Zealand and Australia we are experts in systems design, market development, sustainability and greenhouse gas (carbon) measurement. Our solutions enable you to minimise your environmental impact, develop your markets, reduce your resource use, negate risks in the marketplace and maximise your returns. We live and breathe sustainability and understand that this encompasses not only environmental and social improvement, but also sustainable returns for your investors and stakeholders.

About Aura

Aura Sustainability brings together advisors with a vast wealth of experience to project manage your sustainability initiatives and provide you with finger on the pulse strategic advice.

We do not subscribe to dogma, nor do we believe that one glove fits all when it comes to sustainability. This means we have the flexibility to deliver solutions that are right for you.

We believe that sustainability is both a journey and a destination and that if we are truly going to continue to 'sustain' ourselves we are going to have to think about which route we take to get there.

Meaning of the word 'Sustain'.

  1. to support, hold, or bear up from below; bear the weight of, as a structure.
  2. to bear (a burden, charge, etc.).
  3. to undergo, experience, or suffer (injury, loss, etc.); endure without giving way or yielding.
  4. to keep (a person, the mind, the spirits, etc.) from giving way, as under trial or affliction.
  5. to keep up or keep going, as an action or process: to sustain a conversation.
  6. to supply with food, drink, and other necessities of life.
  7. to provide for (an institution or the like) by furnishing means or funds.
  8. to support (a cause or the like) by aid or approval.
  9. to uphold as valid, just, or correct, as a claim or the person making it: The judge sustained the lawyer's objection.
  10. to confirm or corroborate, as a statement: Further investigation sustained my suspicions.


Food Safety Programme

The NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) require producers to operated food safety programmes for a number of reasons.  Volume of production and export being common reason.  In New Zealand it is also necessary to have a NZFSA approved food safety programme prior to being ranged into Foodstuffs (New World, Pak n Save) or Progressive Enterprises (Woolworths, Foodtown, Countdown).

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is the systematic preventative approach to food safety. It addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection.


Organisational Carbon Accounting - One to One Training

Small and medium sized companies that decided to undertake voluntaryorganisational carbon accounting such as the CEMARS or carboNZero should be resourcing the work internally within their own organisations.  This means that staff who will manage the process need to be have knowledge of the accounting process and the rules relating to specific standards andprogrammes.


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