BalticNet-PlasmaTec stands for a technology and market oriented cooperation of science, research and economy in the field of the plasma technology. The network alticNet-PlasmaTec is a contact partner for interested parties who wants to use technical and economic expert`s assessments for own uses of the plasma technology in the Baltic Sea Region. Besides, the network support existing and initiate new cooperation’s between universities, the industry, small and medium-sized companies, public facilities and other important people from the field of the plasma technology. BalticNet-PlasmaTec has sat down as an aim to raise the perception of the plasma technology in the society. For this the network takes over coordinating duties by the realisation of common, in particular cross-bordering activities. BalticNet-PlasmaTec is a platform for the cooperation between the academic world, public facilities, private companies and individuals.


Plasma Technology - Solution For New Challenges

You want to: increase quality of your products, optimise methods and processes, develop new products. You need: surface treatment, radiation (light) sources, cleaning technology up to sterilisation, new materials, micro and nano structures.

Project PlasTEP

Pristine nature is an important resource of the Baltic Sea region (BSR). This takes effect on people who live there as well as on economy and industry. Tourism is necessary for economic survival of many regions. On the other hand there is the industrialisation. It is yet necessary to promote the BSR as an innovative cross-border region. Unfortunately, this industrialisation is combined with environmental pollution. More industry means more waste water ...


POLEKO 2011, POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection


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