Bay Geophysical, Inc. is an industry leader in high resolution subsurface imaging applications. Since developing the high resolution shear wave reflection technique in 1990-1991, Bay has continued to lead the industry, designing acquisition parameters and techniques that have yielded the highest resolution subsurface images in the noisiest locations. Bay has set the parameters for and acquired tens of thousands of miles of 2-D and hundreds of square miles of 3-D subsurface data in North America, South America and Europe. Bay’s geophysical methods are used for a widespread of applications, including - Oil and gas exploration. Mineral exploration. Subsurface hazard studies. Subsurface hydrogeological studies. Marine environments. Environmental and utility hazard studies. Gas storage facilities.



Resistivity is an electrical geophysical method that offers deep depth penetration and high resolution, is not sensitive to conductive soils like electromagnetics and ground penetrating radar, and is a lower cost alternative to seismic reflection. 2-D and 3-D resistivity surveys are designed with site-specific parameters and array types to provide the best subsurface imaging possible.  The state of the art multichannel resistivity system that Bay ...

3-D Seismic

With two full 3-D recording crews, in-house permitting and surveying and a professional staff for consultation, design and interpretation, Bay has the solution for all of your 3-D exploration needs.  Bay has acquired hundreds of square miles of 3-D  seismic subsurface data in North America and South America.

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Soil and Groundwater

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Globally (various continents)


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