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The world`s beaches are constantly being polluted with natural debris (seaweed, algae), waste from maritime traffic (tarballs, plastic containers) and human and animal litter from visitors to those beaches(broken glass, cans, syringes, cigarette butts, etc.) Beachcleaners International have taken the principle of hand raking and automated it with the revolutionary BOSS Beach Cleaner. The principle of sifting and lifting the unwanted debris from sandy areas has led to the development of this simple and compact unit designed to provide years of reliable service. Towed behind a conventional tractor, the BOSS Beach Cleaner can pick up glass, cigarette butts, bottle tops, plastic, seaweed, syringes, cans and drift wood faster than any other beach cleaner, this innovative product is doing it`s part to help clean our envionment. Our Products: The Boss Beach Cleaner - The Belena Compact Commercial Beach Cleaner - The Squalo Compact Resort Beach Cleaner - The Delfino Walk Behind Sand Cleaning machine.



The Balena is the largest of the compact three point linkage range of beach cleaners and has a working width of 1600mm. The heavy duty robust frame is hot dipped galvinized and painted to withstand the harsh working environment. Sand and debris is lifted onto the transverse sifters by nylon paddles, the efficient sifting motion allows the sand to fall back to the ground while the unwanted rubbish is collected at the back of the unit. All exposed parts ...


The Cernia is a beach cleaner that is well suited to operate over a variety of beach sizes with varying quantities of rubbish and debris to be removed.Because it can be operated using a tractor of between 16 to 20 Hp, it makes a very economical option for your cleaning requirements. The Cernia also has a working capacity of 7000 Sq/Mtr per Hr. Chassis is completely hot dip galvanized and painted.

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