Beacon Environmental Management Systems, Inc. (BEMS) is primarily an environmental services entity specializing in cost-effective quality services in the fields of environmental and remediation studies. Specifically, BEMS Inc.’s expertise covers site assessments, pollution studies, natural hazard and risk studies, soil evaluation and remediation studies, waste disposal and control studies, environmental management systems, emergency response planning, land development and management studies, social development, and regulatory compliance.


Waste Management Planning, Design, & Implementation

We provide an integrated service dealing with all aspects of waste management from the planning of systems to the site selection, design, operations, and eventual closing of facilities.

Site Assessments / Audits Including Screening / Phase I & II

We provide services for environmental audits of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential sites for lease renewals, refinancing, property transfers, as well as for legal and insurance claims.

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Service provider

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Internationally (various countries)

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