Beacon Environmental Management Systems, Inc. (BEMS) is primarily an environmental services entity specializing in cost-effective quality services in the fields of environmental and remediation studies. Specifically, BEMS Inc.’s expertise covers site assessments, pollution studies, natural hazard and risk studies, soil evaluation and remediation studies, waste disposal and control studies, environmental management systems, emergency response planning, land development and management studies, social development, and regulatory compliance.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Catering to both the government and the private sectors, we conduct environmental impact studies for roads, pipelines, waste management facilities, manufacturing properties, and other infrastructure projects.

Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems

We support our activities with the most advanced information technologies that can be used by decision makers to derive solutions to environment and resources problems. These systems provide fast, accurate, and convenient means of handling a large area and bulky data coverage. The use of IT can also be used to exhaustively explore areas of sustainable development for our natural resources.

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