Water is the most diverse resource we know and it influences many different areas of life. However, it is a sensitive element and cannot be taken for granted. We as ICL Water Solutions use our expertise and decades of experience to take care of water, wherever it is needed for industrial processes or public purposes. ICL Water Solutions is part of BK Giulini GmbH, an ICL Performance Product company, which benefits from a long tradition of chemical specialties.

Our Vision & Values


The focus is on our application expertise, our experience in developing tailor-made processes for our customers and our comprehensive solutions that go far beyond products, equipment and technology, from the planning stage to the full operating process.

High level of customer service

  • All our teams focus on delivering the highest level of service to our customers.

Respect for the environment

  • We develop new environmentally-friendly technologies.
  • Our solutions are designed to protect the environment.

Caring about people

  • We show respect for all of our partners (clients, suppliers & employees)
  • We are committed to creating a healthy working environment.

Our customers’ trust

  • Our honesty, loyalty, openness and fairness make us a trustworthy long-term partner for our customers.

Our Responsibility - Social Commitment

Being active around the world means more than business. We commit ourselves not only to meet technological challenges, but also use our abilities to support humanitarian projects.
2013 - Supporting access to education for refugee children in Dadaab, Kenya 

Together with CARE, an experienced, globally acting humanitarian organization, we decided this year to focus our support on the access to education for refugee children in Dadaab. 2 new classrooms were constructed with the donation of ICL Water Solutions, including procurement and transport of the material needed and the payment of builders and masons. The building of appropriate classrooms is part of the “Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)” project initiated by CARE Kenya.

2012 - ICL Water Solutions continues to support CARE program in the Horn of Africa

The worldwide water treatment provider, ICL Water Solutions intensifies its social commitment in the Horn of Africa. Again with CARE, an experienced, globally acting humanitarian organization, we decided to  continue our support for the world’s largest refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya.

2011 - Fight against the drought and food crisis in the Horn of Africa

ICl Water Solutions continues its social engagement. This year our support is dedicated to the people suffering from drought and hunger in East Africa. Together with CARE, an
experienced worldwide active humanitarian organization, we decided to support the water supply and sanitation improvement in the world’s largest refugee camp, located in Dadaab, Kenya.

2010 - Support for drinking water production in Pakistan and water disinfection in Vietnam

This year, we have decided to help flood victims in Pakistan and Vietnam. Both countries had to face severe loss and damage in several regions, caused by big floods; and often the distribution of potable water was not possible anymore. Therefore, ICL Water Solutions supported local
humanitarian organisations with the supply of disinfection tablets to produce in total 80 million
liters of safe water.

Water treatment

Water is precious. It is the basis for all life and it is also one of the most important resources we have. However, only a small proportion of the water on earth is usable. This is why its industrial use belongs in the hands of experts. With its know-how ICL Water Solutions is a reliable partner for water treatment in many sectors of industry, e.g. steel & coke, power generation, metal-working, chemical, petrochemical, food & beverage industry. ICL Water Solutions offers customized solutions and consultancy for a complete control of water treatment processes whatever the water treatment need is. This includes a service package with innovative treatments and equipment, environmental friendly products, support and follow-up with careful monitoring of the treatment. Aspects such as hygiene and ecology are given the same careful consideration as performance and cost efficiency. The benefit for the customer: increase of water system efficiency, reduction of maintenance operations, saving of water and by all this, cost reduction.

As the technical and legal requirements change quickly, ICL Water Solutions also focuses on research and development to find answers to tomorrow´s global challenges in water usage.

Automotive industry
The automotive industry is for ICL Water Solutions with its integrated solutions one important business. As a result, we understand perfectly the production processes and the water utilisation stages and the different needs concerning water treatment.

Chemical & pharmaceutical industry
In the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products the reactors and mix tanks are tempered. Water for the cooling and steam for the heating are essential. The requirements for the quality of water and steam are high.

For dedicated markets or regions, ICL Water Solutions works closely with retail companies specialised in water treatment. We have established strong partnerships with these companies. Together with them we can offer you solutions adapted to your needs.

Food & beverage industry
The water quality requirements are very high in food and beverage industry, especially when the water could come in direct contact with food. The production of pure steam requires high quality chemicals for the water treatment.

Petrochemical industry / Refineries
In oil refineries and petrochemical plants the goal is to improve efficiency and to guarantee the production capacity. ICL Water Solutions delivers the chemical additives used directly in the process, to fight the problems caused by the composition of the crude oil.

Power plants
In Power Plants the efficiency of the condenser is an important precondition for the economical and ecological good operation. Henkel offers you its experience and technologies in these highly exacting fields.

Steel & coke industry
ICL Water Solutions is the worldwide leader for surface technologies in the steel industry. We are therefore able to understand the whole process and can help you resolve water problems from production – or the contamination stage – to discharging.


Water Treatment Technologies

Product range for all kinds of problems related to water like corrosion, scale and microbiological growth. Tailor-made solutions that are perfectly adapted to the specific processes:

  • Boiler Water & Heating Sytems
  • Cleaning
  • Cooling & Process Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Engineering & Equipment
  • Membrane Treatment / Reverse Osmosis
  • Process Chemicals
  • Swimming Pool Water
  • Wastewater
  • Water Services


Ferrocid - Water Systems From Biological Contamination

ICL Water Solutions´ broad range of biocides and disinfectants to protect your water systems from biological contamination.

Korrodex - Corrosion Inhibitors for Closed and Semi-Closed Cooling Systems

ICL Water Solutions broad range of hardness stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and anti-freeze for closed and semi-closed systems.


Water treatment chemicals for the petrochemical industry / refineries

Our know-how and our experience enable us to assist you with our technologies to solve your process specific problems.

Water treatment chemicals for the automotive industry

ICL Water Solutions has an important and long-term experience in Automotive Industry. As a result, we know perfectly the production processes, the water utilisation stages and the specific needs concerning water treatment.


Customer Service

We as ICL Water Solutions use our expertise and decades of experience to take care of water. Wherever water is needed for industrial or public purposes, we provide tailor-made solutions, innovative processes, equipment and environmentally friendly products. Our know-how is applied in many sectors, including the steel industry, power generation, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, refineries & petrochemical industry, manufacturing industry, food & ...



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