Kurita Europe is a subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. headquartered in Tokyo (Japan). Founded in 1949, the Group has 4,700 employees worldwide as of 2013 with a turnover of approximately USD 2.0 billion. Over 3,300 patents are proof of Kurita’s innovative approach to a resource-saving consumption of water.

About Us

From Japan to the world...

The Kurita success story began in the middle of the last century: Haruo Kurita founded Kurita Water Industries Ltd. in Japan in 1949.

Initially the company provided the Navy with chemical products for the treatment and optimization of boiler water. Kurita extended its range and offered systems for water treatment shortly afterwards.

The next expansion came in the 1960s with chemical solutions for process optimization in paper production, the petrochemical industry and in steel production.

Its growing expertise in water and process treatment, its leadership in the Asian market as well as continuous research and development allowed Kurita Water Industries to consolidate its global market position.

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Corporate Philosophy


Corporate Vision

'Becoming an Advanced Water & Environmental Management Company.'

The Kurita group is trying to achieve the following goals:

  • We will implement its Corporate Philosophy and contribute to society by striving to add new value and functions to water and by meeting global challenges such as the conservation of the natural environment and effective use of resources.
  • We will further progress its 'water management' achieved through its state-of-the-art products, technologies and services, thereby achieving 'advanced management' to ensure that water of appropriate quality and  quantity is available whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • We will further advance its service business in the water field to help customers meet their challenges, such as more safety, higher productivity and lower environmental impact, thereby retaining the continued trust of its customers and realizing its own growth.

Our Responsibility - Social Commitment

Being active around the world means more than business. We commit ourselves not only to meet technological challenges, but also use our abilities to support humanitarian projects.

The Kurita Group is also engaged in a variety of social contribution activities based on its corporate philosophy.

For example, we support R&D in the field of water and the environment and conduct cleanup activities around our sites to improve the local environment.

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. founded the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation in 1997 to fund selected scientific projects in the areas of water and the environment.


Calgon / Polyron - For the Dispersion of Fillers And Pigments

CALGON and POLYRON  - special phosphates for the dispersion of fillers and pigments, as remedy against resins and for the cleaning of sieves and felts. The phosphate-based combinations can be purchased and applied in liquid or solid form.

Cetamine - Filming Polyamines for Boiler Water and Steam Treatment

Kurita´s broad range of filming amines for boiler water, steam and closed systems. Cetamine is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on filming polyamines for boiler water and steam treatment. It prevents scale and corrosion in feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems.


Water treatment chemicals for the paper industry

Besides our complete water treatment solutions for paper mill boiler, cooling systems and wastewater, BK Giulini offers a wide range of products especially for paper manufacturing processes; e.g. surface sizing agents, wet strength agents, defoamers.

Water treatment chemicals for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

In the production of chemicals and pharmaceutical products the reactors and mix tanks are tempered. Water for the cooling and steam for the heating are essential. The requirements for the quality of water and steam are high.


CETAMINE® G SERIES - The New Generation of Boiler Performance

Cetamine® G product series is designed to protect the entire installation: Feedtanks, boilers, steam pipes, turbines and condensate lines.Cetamine® G technology combines 3 modes of action in ...

Kurita to buy ICL`s water treatment

Kurita Water Industries Ltd., Japans leading water treatment company in the industrial field, agreed to buy the water treatment, paper chemicals and aluminum business that was part of ICL`s ...


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