An industry leader in the secondary containment industry since 1995, Bristar recognized a need for quality, engineered secondary containment systems that was not being addressed appropriately and used the expertise learned over the years to build Canada`s premier containment business. Bristar has been a pioneer in the use of galvanized steel walls and fully engineered systems, based on capacity needs and environmental guidelines. Bristar has been instrumental in developing and engineering the present system and is a leader in providing simple solutions to complex problems. Bristar`s ability to design secondary containment systems to minimize field assembly and provide flexible and compatible units has set Bristar apart in the market.

Engineered Steel Berms In BLM Color Code


Bristar Manufactured Steel is factory primed and painted in BLM code 'Shale Green' prior to roll-forming and is warranted for a 22-year life. Huge savings are realized by the End User at a small up-front cost.

Bristar brings you Secondary Containment but so much more. This interactive website is built for you- the user. If you have used the Bristar products then you may post your case history. If you have a question about your job-site you can post it in our discussion forums – remember to check back for other member’s replies. If you are confused about regulatory issues in your region and how to construct it in your region the forums are your source for knowledgeable information.

Bristar Containment Industries remains the premiere corporation to engineer specific Secondary Containment solutions to the Upstream Petroleum Industry. Check our Steel Profiles and see the difference!


Company Profile

The Need
Changes to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Spill Prevention & Counter Control measures (SPCC) necessitated industry response in all sectors using under and above ground storage tanks. The Document issued by the EPA to Industry – SPCC; 40CFR – section 112 addresses the requirement for Secondary Containment to be in place as part of the Tank Operators SPCC plan. At the time of this change the EPA estimated 395,000 existing storage tanks in the USA subject to the SPCC rule. All new tank facilities must follow the SPCC requirements.

Our Answer
Bristar Containment Industries Ltd, an Alberta Corporation since 1995, and a pioneer in Secondary Containment, determined to export our product and experience to the USA to provide for the need created by the SPCC Requirements. Bristar manufactures/distributes a Steel Wall to act as a berm around the storage tank. The Steel Wall is really just the structure that holds in place the geomembrane liner which acts as a barrier between potential spills and the natural environment. The Bristar Steel Berms have been professionally engineered to withstand the catastrophic failure of the primary storage tank along with a freeboard allowance for precipitation.
Our Business
Bristar Containment Industries is located in the heart of Alberta’s Upstream Petroleum Industry – Central Alberta. We are the premiere environmental firm to provide Secondary Containment solutions to meet Regulatory Requirements issued to the Upstream Petroleum Industry by the governing board – EUB. We are recognized as the leaders in this portion of Environmental concerns and our reputation has captured both national and international attention wherever protection of the environment has become critical and important. A new industry has evolved in recent years that transcend all industrial sectors – Environmental Protection. It is in this sector we provide innovation and leadership.
Founded in 1995 as an Environmental Products manufacturer, Bristar originally fabricated Geomembrane liners combined with Corrugated Steel to form an impervious barrier of secondary containment between aboveground storage tanks and the earth and groundwater. Our unique containments help tank operators to bring their tanks into compliance to regulatory requirements, protect their investment, and preserve our environment.
Brief History:

Evolution of an idea
Bristar Containment Industries Ltd is Alberta’s premiere secondary containment firm providing secure environmental protection for Above Ground Storage Tanks in the Upstream Petroleum Industry. The challenges surrounding environmental protection of Alberta’s soils and ground water became paramount in 1995 with the introduction of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) Guide G-55. The Guide G-55 required producers to preserve the environment from potential leaks and spills surrounding above ground storage tanks by the implementation of Secondary Containment. Bristar Containment Industries Ltd, a team consisting of Brian and Star Campbell with experience in Tank Storage and Secondary Containment, met these challenges by introducing innovative and cost effective Secondary Containment systems constructed of corrugated steel and geosynthetic materials compatible with the products being stored. Today in Alberta’s “Oil Patch” we have established the standard which both Producers and Regulatory officials recognize as providing the most security to our environment.

Since our inception and incorporation in 1995, Bristar Containment Industries Ltd has led the way in an important sub-industry now sustaining the environment while meeting Regulatory Requirements. Today our reputation is sound and our Corporate Name is synonymous with durability, innovation, security, and quality product.


CMR Precision Steel

The 20 CMR STEEL is G-90 Galvanized with an ULTRA DEEP CORRUGATION. The depth of corrugation ensures the structural integrity against the hydrostatic pressure of a full berm. This allows the use of narrower gauge steel resulting in enhanced structural stability. Furthermore, the Roll-forming and Radius-forming of the 20CMR Steel is completely computer controlled providing exact crimping of the panel without the elongation of the steel as occurs with ...

Quick Rings (HAZMAT)

Bristar Quick Rings have multiple uses. The ring holding 3600 gallons or more may be set up in less than 10 minutes, even by one man!These Rings are radius formed steel sheets which interlock together to form a ring. A temporary liner is spread inside of the ring and over the top and then strapped into place with 10,000 lb straps.


Soil and groundwater protection in the petroleum industry

Bristar Containment Industries has been serving Environmental Protection in the Upstream Petroleum Industry for 15 years. Prevention of soil and groundwater damage is preferred to clean up after the fact.

Secondary containment to hazardous aboveground storage tanks

Bristar Containment Industries provides Secondary Containment solutions to meet Regulatory Requirements. Its unique containments help tank operators to bring their tanks into compliance to regulatory requirements, protect their investment, and preserve our environment.


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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

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Internationally (various countries)

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