C&G Depurazione Industriale srl is an Italian Company, part of a Group that has been operating for about 30 years in the Industrial Waste Water Treatment sector. We are conscious of the impact that industrial waste can have on the environment and on your budget, which is why our staff, strongly field oriented with Engineers always focusing on research, offers a complete product line to fit your needs: vacuum evaporators, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange, chemical –physical treatment, demineralizers, filter press & special equipment for galvanizing.

About Us


Main clients come from Plating and Surface Treatments (Galvanic sector), Mechanical Workshops (cooling and lubricating oily emulsions), food industry, chemical industry, newspaper printing, pharmaceutical, enology and more.

C&G is a pioneer in manufacturing evaporators with vacuum evaporation technology, an advanced innovative system which allows industrial wastewater minimization with zero discharge. There is no ecological damage with this system and no need to send effluents for disposal. Moreover your effluents meet EPA, CEE regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  For which kinds of effluents do you recommend your equipment?

Mainly for all those wastewaters which are polluted from chemicals used in INDUSTRIAL operations – Our range h ...

  Which is the production area you mainly supply your equipment to?

In actual fact there is not one only area of production, but instead ANY industrial activity where wastewater ...

  Which International markets represent your most successful export outlets?

Well, in actual fact, all of those where the problem of water availability is already of critical importance , ...

  What does a Vacuum Evaporator do in fact?

It’s very simple: it removes all the water we want from a liquid, so on leaving the evaporator we get, on one ...

  Which is the strongest point of your vacuum evaporation system?

There are a few 'strong points' which make it of great interest. I would say the main one is the POWER CONSUMP ...

  How long ago did you first introduce your vacuum evaporator?

The first one was in 1979. ...

  How many units do you estimate that you have delivered since?

Well over 600 units. ...

  Why would an Industrial activity find any advantage in investing in one of your vacuum evaporators?

For the simple reason that where the cost for the disposal of wastewaters is very high and where local anti-po ...

  What guarantee can you offer against the high risk of corrosion, even with respect to the material you usually use in manufacturing your evaporators, i.e. stainless steel AISI 316-L?

This is one of the main problems which our engineers already had to face in the first stages of design and con ...

  Can you give us a TYPICAL example of how much the volume which one has to send and pay for disposal can be reduced?

Before giving this kind of information, we would much prefer to have a precise indication as to the contents o ...

  Can you tell us what the level of automation of your evaporator is?

The COMPLETE working cycle of an evaporator of the serial-V (vertical boiler) is controlled in FULLY AUTO-MODE ...

  We do not have an engineer on our company staff who would be capable of repairing a breakdown in a machine like the one you are proposing. If we decide to install one of your evaporators, who should we call on for assistance?

On us, of course. Depending on the geographical distance between your company and our activity, it will either ...

  Is it possible, with your Serial-V evaporator, to obtain concentrated DRY muds?

No, sorry. Not with Serial-V. We can propose one unit from the Serial-ES instead where the boiler is arranged ...

  We might be interested in installing one of your evaporators but we need to know something more about the possibility of RECUPERATING raw materials from spent baths of our lines for surface treatment and electrical deposition.

I do confirm such a possibility. This is in fact one of the 2 outstanding advantages offered by the use of an ...



C&G - Model VN-T Series - Vacuum Evaporators

The V-NT series of vacuum evaporators have vertical development with the boiling chamber in the lower part and the condensation chamber in the upper part. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. The distance between the free surface of the effluent being treated and the collection plate guarantees the absence of drag out. and therefore a higher purity in the distillate.

C&G - Model ES Series - Vacuum Evaporators

The ES series are horizontal development evaporators with an outer shell for the heat exchange, while the distillate condensation chamber is located above this. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. The distance between the free surface of the effluent being treated and the collection plate prevents drag out. and therefore guarantees a higher purity in the distillate.


Purifying and Recycling Services

C&G for the supply of equipment and supporting technology to widely different areas of activity but all with a common target: To IMPROVE the conditions of a determined wastewater. C&G offer a complete product line to fit your needs: vacuum evaporators, reverel osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange, chemical – physical treatment, demineralizers, filter press & special equipment for galvanic treatments.




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