We are specialists in the design, construction, operation & maintenance of all types of water and wastewater treatment plants, Cadagua is a pioneer and a leader in the national market of engineering and construction of water and wastewater treatment and RO desalination facilities.

Who we are. Our History

With 440 employees and a turnover in 2012 of 125 million Euros, Cadagua is a clear reference in the development of water treatment and desalination plants. We have designed and built more than 200 plants (sewage, drinking and desalination), and we have reached a total treatment capacity of over 15,000,000 m3/d. regarding Operation & Maintenance, our contracts total approximately 21 million equivalent population.

These figures place Cadagua at the head of the Spanish companies in this field.


Vision, Mission and Values


Make a valuable and lasting contribution to humanity.


Develop intelligent infrastructure to the customers’ full satisfaction, with respect for the environment, in order to maximize shareholders value, professionally foster all of our employees, and make a contribution to improve our society.

Values and actions

  • Solution: Anticipate, Improve and Solve.
  • Innovation: Progress, Create and Inspire.
  • Efficiency: Efficacy, Results and Reliability.
  • Integrity: Ethics and Openness.
  • Respect: Care and Protect.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork, Cooperate and Share.


Sludge Thermal Drying and Cogeneration

The need to seek how to finally dispose of the bio-solids generated in the sewage treatment plants has led to a process of thermal drying consisting of heat application for evaporation of a major part of the interstitial water content of these bio-solids from sewage plants.Through this process, by reducing the volume, a better final disposal of sludge generated is obtained, moreover, in many cases, it may be used as fertilizer to improve ground ...

Sewage Treatment Plants

The term 'sewage’’ comprises several types of waste water, ranging from household and services water to industrial and rain water, all collected in the municipal network.We have designed and built around 100 sewage treatment plants reaching an installed production of 6,000,000 m³/d.With more than 35 years of experience, Cadagua is leader in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of waste water treatment plants. We are ...


Industrial Water

Industrial effluent originates from any industrial activity that requires water, either in the production phase, transformation or handling phases, including the waste water, process water and drainage water. Depending on the process, each type of industrial activity, releases a waste water characterised by specifical type of contamination. Cadagua has more than 150 industrial waste water treatment plants in operation. The know-how obtained from this ...

Operation & Maintenance and Concessions

The experience in operation&maintenance of plants of different technologies, either built by Cadagua or any other companies, is an essential source of information for us. The data obtained on site is subject to research and thorough study by our specialists. Thanks to the application of the know-how gained from previous experiences, we can offer tailor made solutions and guarantee the results in the design, construction, operation and maintenance ...

Company details

Business Type:
Engineering service provider

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Water and Wastewater

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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