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Dust Collector Solutions

Gold Series Collectors

Camfil Farr’s Gold Series modular cartridge dust and fume collector combines enhanced performance with ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes.

GS Camtain - Collectors

Specialized model for pharmaceutical applications. Bag-In Bag-Out (BIBO) safe-change containment systems are available on both the cartridge access doors and dust discharge system underneath the system underneath the collector.

Compact Filters

Camfil - Compact V-Bank High Efficiency Filters

Opakfil Green is a range of compact V-Bank high efficiency filters. The large Opakfil Green range composed of START, BASIC and ENERGY guaranties an optimum filfilment of expectations especially in energy saving challenges

Camfil - Model EcoPleat - Compact or Bag Filter

Not enough room for a compact or bag filter, but still looking for a premium efficiency product? EcoPleat has been designed for you. EcoPleat comes with the option of a cardboard, plastic or metal frame.

Air Inlet Filters For Gas Turbines

Cam-Flo - Model XMGT - Bag Filters

The first and only synthetic filter that keeps its high efficiency over its entire lifetime according to EN 779:2012. A robust and reliable air inlet pre-filter for turbomachinery in most environments.

Camfil - Panel Filters

Panel filters, usually used as pre/first stage filters in static inlet systems, have the main purpose of removing larger particles such as pollens, paper dust, and other coarse impurities. Typical filter class: G4 / MERV 7 or 8

Molecular Filtration - Carbon & Chemical Filters


A correct media selection is essential for a successful molecular filter. An extensive range of broad spectrum and specific adsorption media are suitable for most chemicals or groups of chemicals. Media are typically based upon activated carbon or activated alumina, with or without impregnation.

Loose-Fill Filters

Loose-fill molecular filters are robust solutions that use high amounts of carbon for comfort and process air applications. Carbon media gas filters can be selected to suit target gases. This flexible product group can be tailored to suit many applications.

8 Products found
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