Camsco is an employee owned and operated manufacturer of sorbent tubes, adsorbent tubes and ATD tubes located in Houston, Texas. In 1991 Camsco was founded to manufacture thermal desorption tubes for the US militaries’ new Chemical Weapons Destruction Program. The US military was an early convert to thermal desorption, selecting it to replace impingers and solvent extraction as a monitoring method. Many in industry and academia followed, signaling the rise of thermal desorption that continues today. The adoption of TD by the industry coupled with the US Chemical Weapons Destruction Program expansion made Camsco the largest sorbent tube manufacturer in the world, producing TD tubes for all makes and models of commercial and military thermal desorption systems.

About us

Today, Camsco is pioneering the evolution of thermal desorption tubes. Our unique position as consultant to instrument/detector developers of all types and the manufacturer of choice for advanced TD operators gives us feedback and test data available to no one else. This information has allowed the tailoring of our manufacturing methods and our raw material sourcing to provide the best results and subsequently the best quality tubes. This advantageous position gives us insights that are available to no one else and is certainly why we are the OEM tube producer of choice in critical applications and instruments.

Camsco has built its reputation delivering quality products and service to the broadest range of clients and for the largest range of instruments and applications.  Let us know how we can exceed your expectations.


Benzene - Model BTEX-T - Monitoring Tube Shelter

1/4' Stainless Steel tube ready for benzene monitoring.1/4' x 3.5' Stainless Steel ATD Tube, Conditioned with Brass (Swagelok®) Compression Caps and filled with Carbograph 5TD 40/60 (Carbotrap X 60/80). Also includes 1 Diffusive Sampling Cap for fenceline monitoring. This option is for the purchase of passive sampling tubes and caps required for Benzene Monitoring.  The refinery will own all equipment and be responsible for pre-conditioning ...

Model CTM60400 - Cold Trap

Camsco manufactured cold trap for Markes™ TD; Empty; Qty. 1. Camsco manufactured cold trap for Markes™ Unity 2 and TD-100; Air Toxics


Packaging Options

Our broad range of capping solutions fit a diverse selection of today’s leading instruments – from diffusion, compression, press fit and more. Camsco offers several types of caps and transport containers, including: Teflon press fit o-ring lined caps. Compression caps in brass, stainless steel and Teflon w/ Teflon ferrules. Brass caps for the PE TurboMatrix and ATDs w/ Teflon ferrules. Aluminum Diffusion caps press fit o-ring lined.

Conditioning Options

Camsco is not limited to any single brand of adsorbent, so the choice is yours – whether it is made by Aldrich, Buchem, HayeSep, SKC, Supelco®, or World Mineral, we can supply a host of different options. There are many resources available for sorbent selection and often our customers know which applications call for which sorbents, however we are glad to offer our assistance.


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Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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