Camsco is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal desorption tubes for monitoring and testing of harmful emissions in industrial, scientific and military applications. Camsco has supplied more than two million tubes for advanced thermal desorption operators and offers unmatched benefits from a single, experienced proven provider: Precision engineering, design and production processes consistently applied.


TD Tubes

TD tubes are Sorbent Tubes used in Thermal Desorption systems. Thermal Desorbers transfer samples from TD tubes via Thermal Desorption to a detector most commonly a gas chromatograph or gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer or TD-GC/TD-GC-MS. TD-GC has been a scientific method for more than half a century and is replacing many applications, formerly practical, by solvent extraction and canister monitoring.

The COGNI Identification System

Working closely with clients and listening to their needs, Camsco has developed an innovative identification system – COGNI (Camsco’s One Glance Numeric Identification) System.


Packaging Options

Our broad range of capping solutions fit a diverse selection of today’s leading instruments – from diffusion, compression, press fit and more. Camsco offers several types of caps and transport containers, including: Teflon press fit o-ring lined caps. Compression caps in brass, stainless steel and Teflon w/ Teflon ferrules. Brass caps for the PE TurboMatrix and ATDs w/ Teflon ferrules. Aluminum Diffusion caps press fit o-ring lined.

Conditioning Options

Camsco is not limited to any single brand of adsorbent, so the choice is yours – whether it is made by Aldrich, Buchem, HayeSep, SKC, Supelco®, or World Mineral, we can supply a host of different options. There are many resources available for sorbent selection and often our customers know which applications call for which sorbents, however we are glad to offer our assistance.



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Technology - Manufacturer

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Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


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